Friday Night Lights: Season 3 Review: Ep. 6 & 7

Season 3, here we come.


Episode #6 It Ain’t Easy Being J.D. McCoy
This episode involves a hazing accident that J.D. participates in given that he is a freshmen. Coach assigns Tim Riggins to make J.D. feel at home. Time shows him what life in Texas is all about. Coach tells Tim: ‘You are a senior, you aren’t gonna be wearing that uniform much longer.” We also see the pressure J.D.’s dad puts on his son. Jason and Tim and Billy all work on the investment house that they paid for. Tyra’s bull riding boyfriend Cash owes his “family” 1,600 in child support. Tyra breaks it off with him. I love all the talks that Jason Street and Coach Taylor have. Jason tells him that he thinks he made a mistake buying the house. Coach says,” it always looks bad before it gets better…he says, ‘you are following through, don’t start giving up!’ Matt and Julie reconnect and go to a lake and kiss and fall asleep at the cabin. Things get a little out of hand when Tim take J.D. to a party and J.D. drinks.

Episode #7 Keeping Up With Appearances
Billy wants Tim to get into college. Tim keeps getting letters from OU.Coach runs into problems with his fullback. Who sees Tami and they realize his parents don’t know that he plays football. Jason doesn’t cave in the price for selling the house. Buddy tries to connect with his little kids and they give him a hard time. Jemarcus,the fullback, can’t play on Friday because of the parent situation. Buddy says,’they hate me, all a man has is his children.’ Buddy’s daughter says, ‘I wish you weren’t my father.’
The parents of Jemarcus hear out Tami and Eric about how football is good for men. Herc and Jason argue over the price of the house. Tami says to someone,”this is the beginning of the rest of your life, you are a good person, and this is just the beginning.” J.D. has a rough game. Coach tells him, ‘I had expectations and it was hard to live up to them!’
Billy makes a highlight tape of Tim for colleges. Coach, in the video, says, “What defines Tim Riggins,no fear, toughness.” Jason struggles and tells Lila,’You think I could make it somewhere else?’

Friday Night Lights: Final Review For Season 2

Friday Night Lights review for episodes 11-15. Season 2 marked the start of shortening the seasons to less than 15 episodes. I think the first year they did this(for season 2) was because of the writer’s strike. Here’s the summary of the last 5 episodes.


After the Dillon madness calms down a little bit Coach Taylor learns more from the rival teams’ coach. He tells Eric that his wife has only three months to live. He says,” I have no game plan for that!” Tim and Billy steal a bunch of cash from the guy Tim was staying with. Most likely it is drug related money, but they take it anyway. Characters always are given opportunities to do the right thing. They either choose to change and do it right, or they choose scandal and conflict over doing what is not right. Tim finds himself into Coach Taylor’s house, where Tami’s sister has also been staying. Julie gets herself in trouble at a party and Tim helps her but coach thinks Tim is trying to be with Julie, so he kicks Tim out. Tim doesn’t defend himself.

Julie tells coach the truth. Coach tells Tim, ‘you have not complained once..what you did, as a Father, that is honorable.’
Someone in a moment of love says(about kids):’That’s not out burden, that’s our gift.’

Trouble happens with Matt when the caretaker( that he has been liking on) moves back to her home country. Smash is with a girl who has racist parents. This shows’ attempt to continue to attack this issue. Santiago’s friends come back into his life and try to get him to go with them instead of playing football.
Lila joins a Christian radio show. Tim calls in with a fake girl voice and pretends to have a serious question. Smash gets in a fight at the movie theater with his girlfriend. He gets suspended for three games because of the fight. The fight was over racist comments that guys were throwing at him.

Lila’s relationship heats up with the guy at church(and at the radio station). She kisses him. The evil guy that got his money stolen find Tim and says, ‘you have a week to pay me back!’ Smash does the right thing and apologizes for what happens. Tim says he loves Lila and she tells him to move on. ‘Chris(the radio guy) makes me happy1’ Billy and Tim give the guy the money back and almost get shot in the process.

Coach Taylor tells the team, ‘ Its about adversity and how we stand up to it,
We are gonna take adversity and take it into an asset!’

Episode 14 marks one of the best of the series and easily the best moment in Season 2. Matt has a breakdownwith all the people he feels have been abandoning him. At school he snaps at his teacher and calls her a bad word. He shows up to practice drunk and goofing off. Coach and him have it out. Here’s the scene:

Matt: Just shut up! You don’t care about me, you left me for a better job! Your daughter left me for a better guy, Carlotta left me for Guatemala, my dad left me for a damn war! Everybody leaves me. What’s wrong with me?
Eric: There’s nothing wrong with you. There’s nothing wrong with you at all.

Smash loses his scholarship but his mom says the best line ever: ‘I love you and I believe in you.’ Like I have said before, this show makes you want to be a better person and to really be better, like, for real.

Julie takes the driving test. Landry and Tyra admit to liking each other. Smash tells the team, ‘the best thing you guys can do for me is win, make the playoffs.’ Smash cries as the team leaves the locker room.

Season 2 closes off with Jason finding out he got a girl pregnant. A girl he had met at a restaurant on a horrible blind date. Coach tells Jason, ‘Your children and the mother of your children are the two most important things to you in life.” Smash gets a second chance and might still be able to play in college. Peter Berg( who is the creator of this show along with the book) guest stars as Tami Taylor’s old fling in high school. Coach and him get in a literal fight at a dinner with Tami and the guy( Mo is his name). Very funny actually. Its funny how in small towns( and even in life in general) people hold onto who they were in high school as the be all end all of who they are sad they aren’t in the present moment. We are all tempted to live in the past. Mo was still believing he had the right to be with Tami.

And Season 2 just ends like that. Its not as epic as Season one with the state title taking place for the Panthers.

Friday Night Lights: Season One: Episodes 19-22

And the last review for season one..

Episode #19:Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Change

Buddy can’t get his wife back after he cheated on her. Coach Taylor gets an offer to coach at TMU, which would require his family to move again. Julie is with Matt and doesn’t like the idea of moving at all. She says, ‘I have dreams to and they are coming true here.’ Tim connects with his neighbor, who has a son that Tim has been teaching how to play football.The relationship becomes scandalous, as he is still in high school and she is in her thirties. Tyra tells her mom that she wants to break the mold of the Collette women and go to college one day( this happens throughout the series with Tami Taylor’s help). My favorite part, or one of many in the series is when Jason Street gives Matt advice in how to throw better. They are on the field at night and Jason says, ‘You hit the slants, you hit the posts, they’ll respect you, you hit this pattern, they will fear you.’ Tim and Jason also reconnect in this show and the line ‘Texas, forever’ makes its way into the show.

Episode #20 Mud Bowl
A Chemical plant accident forces the other team to come and join with the Panthers. This creates tension as they have to share the football field with them. Critics have commented on the scene with Tyra and this shows portrayal of rape. Its not graphic nor exaggerated, rather it does show that its a problem to be addressed. This is the beginning of that story in this show. The Mud Bowl take place because of the chemical spill and the Panthers win and advance to state. Lyla and Waverly connect and Lyla finds out that Waverly is bipolar and hasn’t been taking her medicine.

Coach Taylor moment: tells his players, ‘blood, sweat, and tears, it all stays on the field!’ while it pours down rain.


Episode #21 Best Laid Plans And #22 State
Coach Taylor is forced to make a decision about whether to move his family to, I believe Austin, where TMU is. He tells them yes but doesn’t tell his family that.
Coach tells Matt about the move, ‘when you have a family like I have, I promise you, you will understand.’ The famous lines and the best from Coach Taylor happen in these last moments of season one. Coach Taylor says, “Every Man(and this is might be a little out of order) will lose a battle, what makes him a man is that in the midst of the battle he does not lose himself..this battle is not over…Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.’

The final play comes down to Matt wanting to run a certain play and Coach says, ‘you run it!’ and they win State. The famous song Devil Town plays in the end. And Tami Taylor tells Eric she is pregnant.

Friday Night Lights: Season One Review: Episodes 4-8

And the goodness of season one continues..
Episode #4: Who’s Your Daddy
Dillon gets desperate to replace Jason Street. Buddy Garrity, who plays the ultimate die hard do whatever it takes to win football fan. Buddy had won a state championship back in the eighties. A new quarterback shows up in town, Voodoo is his name. Matt Saracen begins to like the coach’s daughter, Julie and worries that he won’t be number one at quarterback. Coach tells Matt to ask her out, whoever she is. Lyla and Tim kiss and start spending time with each other behind Jason’s back. Coach has the whole team over at this house and a brick(from the other team) throws a brick through his window that says, ‘die panther pigs!’
The team smashes up the rival quarterbacks car. Matt gets beat up by them at work.

Coach Taylor quotes : “I believe you can do anything you put your mind to, and ‘winning goes to the one who wants it most!”

Episode #5: Git’er Done

Voodoo disrespect the coach and says he is only on the team to get noticed and get into LSU. Tim gets over blaming himself and finally visits Jason in the hospital. Jason says “I need you right are my best friend.” The Friday night game ensues problems with Voodoo, he calls his own plays and causes trouble. Coach yells at him and says, ‘you are done!’

Episode #6: El Accidente

This show captures the mentality that football is life. Football is all that matters. And even lying to make your team be the best of the best is acceptable in this town of Dillon. 16,0000 people fill Herman field every Friday night. In this episode ethics regarding how Voodoo got on the team confront the coach. Buddy Garrity wants to say he is eligible. Racist comments from Voodoo cause one of the kids to get kicked off the team. Someone says, “we will rise up, we will get through anything at all.” Tim and Lyla take Jason out of the hospital for a day and the famous line: Texas, forever!

Episode #7: Homecoming

Jason Street is asked to come to the game for Homecoming night. Smash feels pressure from a scout and doesn’t have a good game, at all. Tim Riggins steps in and tears it up. Due to Brian ‘Smash’ Williams bad game the scout tells him to improve his speed and strength. This makes Smash resort to taking performance enhancers/steroids of some kind(just like the movie The Program.)

Episode#8: Crossing The Line

Matt gets Smash a job at the Alamo Freeze and tries to steal cash from the register. Smash lies to his mom about what he needs money for, and the church he attends takes up an offering for him. He gets corrupted and uses the offering money for the drugs. Billy(Tim’s brother) confronts Tim and says ‘ no one wants you!’ Jason overcomes and plays in a wheelchair game with Herc(his roommate from the hospital). Jason also finds out that Lyla and Tim have been hanging out behind his back.He yells at Tim and says ‘You are a coward Tim, you are a coward!’