New In Life

I think somehow in the goal to daily blog and to fill the ‘you are at 1,125 posts’ quota I have stopped updating you all on what has been happening in my life. In between the droughts of not blogging in the past I have usually updated on life and work and random thoughts and perspirations of wanting to blog more. So, instead of making tons of promises(like finishing my medicine story) or other short stories and creative posts I am simply just gonna give a quick update of what is going down in my life.


So, since October I have been working at Trader Joes in Leawood. Life has been so good at this place! I love my job and love the peeps I get to work with. I really am not saying that to suck up to some manager that might randomly find this blog. I worked at Trader Joe’s in Laguna Niguel Jan. 2009 to April 2010. Since July 2011 Trader Joes is now here in Kansas City. Grateful to this place and the few days a week I am there! Its been great and a source of writing as well, as my interaction with people and what they say in passing usually ends up in some kind of piece of writing.


Since August 2011 I have been going to Longview Community College in Missouri. My purpose for school is to get into film as a major and creative writing. Right now I am doing the associate’s degree and the grunt work that goes along with it. Its been a ton of work and time consuming but totally worth it. 2 years from now I should be ready for the university and read for Film classes. So far I have taken English, History, some Sociology, Psychology, Literature and more english, its been great!


Still am working with Zack and the team. Making new friends with Jackson Bohlender. We are putting our heads together to spawn some creativity for podcast ideas and the summer. Its been a joy and I love our team and teenagers.

Other News

Getting off medicine has also been a huge part of the journey. Since August 2011 to just a few months ago I have weaned off of three of the four meds I was on. The next step is to be off completely by the end of the year. Its drastically cleared my mind and given me a new wave of inspiration for the future. Reading Making Ideas Happen has been super helpful for the future creativity in me.