Dad And Skates

To my dad, for all those hockey years. I love you dad! Playing hockey this past weekend reminded me of those good memories.


The game is always played upon that ice

Where I belong, where I swear twice the life upon myself,

Twice as good, twice the fun, twice would not be enough to explain

What I have become, lately dad has been inside my mind, not the kind that

Just slips out on father’s day, but thoughts that never go away, endless clicks of

His pictures, and endless adventures from yesteryear, those Colorado drives,

Down there on I-25, the interstate slipped in us, and we prayed with much diligence,

Daily mom brought some resistance because we were gone the distance upon the

Wings of the wind, and the skates that you tied they never lied to me, and it never

Got to me that I was wasting away upon the ice, placid acid to my nostrils and the

Breath in my lungs was truly fun, and Phil Collins around Fort Collins, now I am

A little bit older, a little bit stronger, a little bit smarter, dad you have faded from

Me and the storyline in those movies I watch they eat my watch and take up

All my time, cause now sending you letters and sweaters and boxes of memories

Now they don’t do it now because I miss you somehow, fall 07 when we watched

The mighty ducks, when we did duck out of responsibility and the domestic hostility

Took over, she never did like it anyway that we forgot to pray, and turbulence was

The escape, wall street journal was your hurdle and now text messages of us are

What we have now because this facebook is not good enough, now dad I want some

Direction, I want some protection, I want our section of loving together and eating

Together, endless batter, endless chatter, endless shoreline moments, now I know

You never say much, but you call much, stay much, have some lunch and now us

Is fading and I am still skating, you there in the stands, now clapping both your

Hands, and I’ve skated fast my whole life and lifted trophies all the way up,

Blades of Steel never felt so real, but to impress you endlessly with those

Trophies is not what you want from me, see dad I miss us, and I have us,

And I want us to stay us, 26 years now of drifting, but 26 more are shifting,

So Orange County is way over there, and the rich seem to not care, the

Beach it does sweat me empty and bleed me dry and that wine section does

Cry out to me, but all those father roots they go deep because I think of those

Men out there that have a little bit of rejection now and a complex that no man

Will stay around, so I skate today, faster, shoot harder, work harder, win better,

But really being together that is the best kind of game, best kind of place, so

Let the air be filled with acceptance, and let this tender spot in me never rot

To the wrist watch and the offense that grows over time, let not John Hughes have

The final cue that parents are the bane of my pandering, let all my wandering now

Be caught with the love of dad, so I love you now, talk soon

Stands With You

To my dad and the other night at the Duck’s game.

Been getting pathological, trying to get back to logical,

Smoking silly in signals for mercy, been blowing smoke all my life,

Trying to save myself from what is scared and sacred and Calvinistic,

No I am not narcissistic but persistent In desperation, like salt water

Keeping me afloat like a life to gloat over and over in, on the edge of

Coming back to you, 57 freeway to get by you, ducks game reminding

Me of that’s been as good as dead, and now skating all my life past our

Memories, upheaval and bags packed was yesteryear, now years have

Passed since I’ve heard you scream and stare and get out of here,

Years since I stood at the top of the stairs afraid of my own Persian

Skin, but dark eyebrows remind me that I don’t seem yours in looks

And books you’ve read never prepared you for this, child rearing hardest

Thing a man does now, but you’ve slipped past the alcohol now and the

Weekend blockbuster that keeps it a harbinger of escape and proof in the

Spoof of us together, father, son and lies have all my friends  in a full nelson

With no sense of escaping but the ice got cleaned and you and me back

Together again, all my reservations at the door and ticket scanning a

New entry into the delay of years of damage but your voice speaks in

The crowd of dissatisfied fans and fights and yells to come and squelch

Here this destiny of you and me, never do I back down from my one

Calling, to be a son and listen and reel back past the pain and press

On again like hockey days in the stands you clapped both your hands,

Now lets sit and try to once again understand