Fragile World

Fragile world

I just wanted to love you a little bit more.

Year later and we are older,

Year later and we are colder,

Do you still think about me?

Is this pain just sitting here with

Nowhere to go, I sure don’t talk like they do,

Cause I lose a lot of time trying

To look like you,I am fragile and now, I see, These eyes aren’t meant for TV.

I am waiting for those meetings you Make me go to,

I am glad that days ago I saw your

Face and I kept on the coming back

To that familiar place.

Fragile world is the only one that I know

I got deadlines and I got fears I got time to dispense

I got love at your expense But now you won’t see me the same

Now I got to spend all my daysEditing your voice,

Choosing you was always the choice

I still have thoughts, You in a dress, You in yellow,

You next to that pillow

I used to live there to

Now, I am busy,

Now, I am on the air,

Now, I am electronic

And are you still following me?

Some days I sink, Other days I swim,

Some days I think,

Some days I win,

Are you the one in the center of This story, or are you another one

That has left, too.

Fragile worldI share that with you,

I know what you lost and

I can’t relate, I know what its

Like to slip and slide in your Own mind,

I used to dream of burying myself

Deep down, like death, like

Six feet under, its not my time yet,

And I know that now.

Fragile world,

Where’s the sword,

Cause I am still fighting,

Still, fighting for you.

College Stories

This is a couple years old and yes its about a girl.

Libraries with you, books of information for you,
A change of situation, shelving what’s been reveling
And revealing and healing to these bones for no
One certainly wants to be alone or homeless and
Men always feel trapped and tapped at last of
Emotionless tiring me but opening up slowly
With you seemed to be to easy and pizza parlors
Did persist and the cheese did come for sure for
It was the closest to me and with you I did succeed
But Harlow bangs came with some fangs and much
Pain as it slipped past me, days of separation came
Inside of my memory, just a thing for this thing came
Near and all I simply could hear was my voice real
Near and the things I said that you heard instead
Caught me dead and wishing by the sea that its real
Easy and to easy to simply be me, so open book I
Became and thoughts so tame, frat boy laugh at
Laugh or is this still just college, both in need of
Education or just your Harlow bangs slipping with
The fangs of more persistence, cause tomorrow it will
Be over and education will go on and college days
Will be a past thing, so for now I stay me in and out
Of this town


I saw a girl who had holes in her jeans and was cute and prompted me to write this.

Holes in her jeans and holes in her pants

Holes in her heart probably, holes and empties all

Around surround her now and in and out of this place she

Roams and paces and hides now, holes inside of her need filling

And I need feeling that this is real, for to many nights have passed of

Alone at last and boxed in by not wanting some rejection and some infection

To a new resurrection, and she waits always with sunglasses on, covering up

The face on, inside of her now she bows now to a new wave of suffering, alone

Has plagued me cause I am a single me looking for acceptance and bags under

Her eyes have been bags by the door and leaving on the floor has left me asking

For more, like inside my psyche and like Nike I am doing it now, acting upon this

Feeling, making sure she is touching the ceiling no more in her dreams and acting

A fool and just a friend, always waiting by the door for someone to leave and

Gasping now for control, control of this empty feeling and like holes in her pants

I feel the ants trickling and my heart fickling over what station to change to

Clarity now is the austerity it takes to say something to you, and so she switches

Seats and changes these cleats on my feet, to much running from myself has

Left her now running from myself, and holes need filling and empty needs a new

Feeling, and so cracked out now on excitement now I feel the enticement and

The walls now come down because love has crept in, but can she really fill me

Or will I still feel empty and empty always, until someone for real sits inside of

Me and not just the brush of a crush  removing the weight inside me


This is about a guy I saw buying flowers at Sunfresh grocery store. A current reflection of love.

Searching for roses he did

Shifted he became to suddenly

Change his eyes dim lit, his feet cold

From delays and fear of change, the voice

Of the lover calling him now, Sunfresh aisles

Now worthwhile, no sale and no sleep for his eyes

Double wide he became, bright eyes now change and

Rearrange who he did bring arms up from all the fuss

Bags packed from fear of change and commitment, she’s

Been through it over the years and now someone has to

Pay on Valentine’s day, better lives splitting like knives

And ripping into each other, hesitant lovers rearrange

Each other and voice of reason has brought the treason

For who really can love you better, hope you soon discover

That you don’t have to wait forever to search for this, cause

I know you have worked so hard at opening up, now you are

All bottled up with roses a must to rediscover the cost of

Loving you better, stage now a reset, please change the upset

And erupt into someone new, cause only the Lord can do this

To you


Bleached blonde highlight keeping me up at night, teenangee wasteland

Was yesterdays playground, Prom Queen so it does seem, once crowned

And displayed as certainly swayed but time has changed as she’s stayed

The same, college days down 470 east build her shape with much yiest

Bread and butter to the guy with a stutter, probably a jerk, an insecure

Hook in his mouth, loving her not good she went with it to stay understood

Letters dropped, Frat Guy now, skip or chip or Buck or Stan, he really is not

A man, quarterback days over, a walk on not even and certainly he’s getting

Even with the past and still chasing her now, in the front row he sits and

My thoughts do persist, while I am writing it stays inviting, who is she

Really covered with those hallow stripes, golden skirt and surely a

Flirt, flickering in the wind, her hair does go again, but the man around

Is gone now, because I don’t know you I keep this written and stay


Thing Of The Past

Those blonde hair highlights keep me up at night

When the days that it seemed right sitting outside

The parlor waiting for a holler or a caller inside my

Pockets waiting for the phone to ring but to many years

Have past since that, Valentine’s day it seemed the double

Doors were open to get back to you but something else

Was bothering you, tell me truly that it wouldn’t be

Because I wasted those school days studying you

And paper in the trash of those entries and entrees

We shared a movie theatre for two no more, streets

Lonely now it seems, warmth not for some more months

And beach days they stay back there, princess I know that

I can’t get to the castle but with you I wanted the hassle and

The angst and the pranks pulled on me, cause the air in your

Hair was better, those blonde haired highlights they certainly

Have passed and time has moved on and that’s just what it is,

Something of yesterday but I hope now you live better cause

I’m loving not being bitter, so stay sweet sister