Endless Attempts

Endless attempts
Man’s seeking security
Man’s dodging eternity
Forever an endeavor no
Man lives by, exits to the
Sky and its highlights,
Up and up man wants to
Go, making an endless know
All to what will be pursued
And ensued upon, man attempts
To save Himself, to throw God
On the shelf, to disregard His steps
And His ways—man takes endless
Attempts to get to God, but cost He
Says do you have it? Sacrifice, are you
Willing to carry it? Death, love, light,
And dark, are you willing to carry
A spark—and flames you want they
Will consume you—purity you will
Have to have, eyes of light will keep
You bright—my endless attempts
Are to know you God, not to live
Without you—let me know that
I know that I am attempting to
Be in love and burn in that love
Over and over again—I need it

Dust And Smoke

To the Sermon On The Mount and a life that wants to be built on the rock of Christ. And to not be held back by the past.

Dust and Smoke

Kicking my feet in the sand

Trying to understand

Years of running

Days of staying


Flame of love once came

And saved the wasted

Space in me, took up a

New secret place in He


Regrets he had over

Having in bad, a trapped

Life he lived stuck by

Stereo sounds and

TV real loud


And upheaval came at

A young age, and wrote a

A new page inside of me,

I lived on the top of the

Stairs, considering all the

Fears, anger rose inside

A child and smoke came

And burned it all away


Oil now, do you have it?

Intimacy, have you grabbed it?

Does your house collect

Dust, does your life have

Lust? Every thought he

Says stays captive in Him

Every word uttered is

Recorded in Him,


Now counsel comes and

Rules me now, have a life

That isn’t shallow or a

Noisy gong that is



Love come and not be dust

Burn away the rust

Cause me to trust

Now I seek to live

On the rocks where

The sand can’t stand

On the land you have



At Ease

Floating in disconnect lately,

Clicking upon the wings of wasting away

Saying all that is needed to say, Jesus swayed by the

Way inside me today, billion dollars inside my chest but

Pennies to my name, feeling lame and walking it out that way

The disease of not being at ease has slipped in me and to appease

The most high I would likely die in my own blood tonight, for the

Weakness inside steadily prevails along with messages not so well

Now the garden of Eden back to it again, Adam where are you He said,

Dead always, women silent not she was and it was soon rotten son

To the begotten Son future now on that cross somehow, die now and

Repeat the eating process, for thirsty I’ve rarely been for hunger always

Now turning inside me now and health it cries out, for sugar has replaced

The sweetness of your name in me and this game neverending, put me at

Ease not so much because you love the screwed up and cast down now

Lottery Man

Lottery man with a ticket in hand

Price Chopped life, a hack in the making and a discount

Faking, to little sense inside his wallet, to much pain now on the ballot,

Voting friendly he seems to be and somehow now he’s gotten to me,

A vended machine life, just numbers and buttons and shiny lights,

Vagrant always he does seem, open to whoever will see him through

And sit down and have some recollection of all those days he did go

Wasting and it clicks inside my intuition do I walk over and give some

Solution, beaten down by life’s affairs I surely wonder if he ever cares,

Or notices with Holy ambition that He needs to change his condition,

If money really is the motivation or if He needs a lovely girl but could she

Really change Him like that, or does he like the lottery to live like that?

So I sit and wonder and really ponder does it matter what I do or say

In moments like these, or do I sit back and really at ease? And stay hidden

Inside myself for only he could ever see what’s really changed inside of me