Red Eyes (summer 2012)

The use of Red Eyes first came from the Switchfoot song Red Eyes. It was such a perfect ending to Hello Hurricane. I can’t tell you how many times I have blasted this while driving and rocking out. The line in the song, ‘nowhere feels safe to me, nowhere feels home, even in crowds I am alone.’ I dig and when I was writing this I was thinking of how much I appreciate my mom. She is a flight attendant. I find it slips into many a poems my references to airplane and airport language. I love using the idea of traveling as a device to show the escapism in our souls. Jetway, fuselage, my samsonite, turbulence..Wanting to not be around certain people at times, feeling lonely, wanting to run away. God sees. And in God seeing our cry for acceptance should give us red eyes. Either we cry or we pull our hair out wrestling with longings that are most of the time just a sign that God is doing more in us and that their is more…

All my life been searching for that deep down satisfaction

Now I am lacking and missing in action, love has slipped from

Me, love has moved away from me, now the sky opens up pleasantly,

And draws near to me, hearts all around open up to me, now I can

Barely see, red eyes tonight, Persian queen tuck me in, make me clean,

Turbulence you lived in, turbulence you stayed in, out the door it became

Fall to blame, winter to never change, balmy breeze to put you at ease,

Orange town on fire now, down town a look to tell all, see safety is what

I want, but love is what you have, nothing now tastes the same, not that

Little bit of fame that I have to my own name, now all I want is for things

To never change, now I feel like I need to rearrange this time of mine,

And change my mind to be a man now, to grow up now, and give in now

To that which should overtake my choices, volition kicking, premonition

Down the freeway, just a backseat chaser listening to those in front now

To afraid to drive down this narrow road, unsure as always of that which

Sits inside of me, doubting that power so easily, red eyes tonight trying

To get it right, up late for all the wrong reasons, notebooks full of lies,

Continuing to pile up, now Lord keep me screwed up, fix up now on that which

Is needed, new revolutions per minute down this freeway drive, the

Summer sense changing now, all my expectations lifted now, just waiting

For change, but now Love is all that remains, time no more needed to be

Wasting away, time now for me to live and say yes to you today






The Color Red

A lot that I need to speak upon. Elections. Jesus’ worth. The picture of Jesus as a lion in Narnia and my take on wanting to live with all my heart!

The color red

Red lights guide me some would

Claim, swing states in the balance, heart

In defiance to any kind of party for change,

Trusting leaders now in front of me,

Counsel says ‘come to me, come and follow me’

Young I’ve been up on the beach with a breach in

Me, have I built something that will get swept away?

Safety, safety! Calls to me, says, ‘stay normal, stay safe’

Adventure, chances, and risk I say—to to many years of

Waiting, waiting for those chances to come back to me—

Red eyes keep me going now, up late searching always

For the deeper meaning—world, see world is in transition

And I got one single ambition—to live, to love, to be free

Inside all the scariest places—fear, you see was just glorified

Yesterday, just for one day! But now the mask of safety comes

Off—He is good, but He is not safe says the lion and asks me

Will you sit in fear, will you live in trembling—risk, no one wants

That and suffering, suffering from chances taken—who wants to

Live with that—now, now be the time to live without regrets

To trust the kings in His hands, to comprehend with all in you that

Trusting this kind of tension is the only non fiction, the only true

Way to waste away—waste away at a life that is worthy, a life

Well done—for the color red of blood it stamps a stop sign upon

My sin, it stops me from taking it for granite—grace, grace is made

For us to take chances but to not trample upon the King Himself

Who bled the color red to have us

Storm In Me

Storms ahead and thinking of my response to the madness. Giving credit to the song Vice Verses by Switchfoot in the line ‘city life, city lights.’ I think that song emphasizes questioning God’s actions but surrendering at the end of the day.

Johnson ruled the eighties

Jordan ruled the nineties

Now who is left to rule me?

Who is left to conform me?

The storm comes, who speaks—who sits, who repeats what will bring division

And what will make a storm-

Counsel he says

Do you have it?

A foundation he says is it under you

Do you have a clue what you have built?

Or have you built something else?

Can you love and stay in that love?

Can you leave behind cultural apprehensions?

Can you stay in the tensions of wrath and mercy

Can you hear the voices out of these winds, these

Torrential downpours—can you see God in the city lights,

In the city life where you once lived, where you still want to

Be? Can you stop pointing now at all those that need judgment

Can you point at yourself and ask for mercy