Keeping Up With Change

How distracting the news can be sometimes. God is not distant in our lives. All matters before Him.

I am still keeping up with the Kardashians

I am still moving at the speed of sound

I am still seeing a world of misery around

Me, I am still standing upon the rocks that

Have shaped me, upon the war that has

Praised Him now, I am still flipping through

Culture on magazine stands, I am still concerned

With what will sweep me away, I am still

Here, Lord, seeking to sit and obey, for

Your commandments chase me down,

The TV does soon slow down, the screen

Does fade to black and one day all will

Keep up with mercy, keep up with that

Day of answering for the little slides of

The eye gaze, all does count, all does

Matter before the matter we see daily,

God is not distant, let me not be



He waited on the elated evening

She and Him holding hands

The marble counter was the encounter

Stuck in a dim lit basement, gray and

Haze, fog machines rising richness

Reviving, how much money does it

Take to get through to you are you

Dazzling still are you singing still

Are you lost in the starkness of the

Darkness of the harness of Hollywood

Consciousness are you on the porch

Protected by your dad’s shotgun in hand

Or are you looking at the silver moon

Still, innocent, music man kissing your

Right hand, I wonder where Wilson was going

When he said we would have trouble in river city

But I guess I see that its not up to me that in that

Porch safety you would never get away and give your

Soul to what will not satisfy you now, but your dreams of

The windy New York City are very pretty and fit you nicely

Because it’s a real you, so don’t go changing for me, don’t go

Dreaming again for me, just stay the real you away now from the

Ocean view