Stop Regarding Man

Taken from Isa. 2:22, this was one of the first poems I ever wrote. Summer 2007. Enjoy!

Stop Regarding Man


Stop regarding man

He, she, they were crafted by my hand

Made for my purposes, made for me.

Lifting themselves up like they

Own their soul, like they are in control.


But God what about their plans,

What about their stand—against you?

What about me, what about she,

God don’t you see, they’re not like me.

God, you listen, you see, you hear as if I

Was the only one around,

I know you see me.


Stop regarding Man

The kings, the rulers, the dictators

They are mature in maliciousness,

Unrighteousness and full of regret, they

Stand under heavy stones that

Just might crush their bones,

Again I say they think they

Are their own, they think they

Control stars and wind,

Money and fame,

Tv and gain,

They play the game,

Standing haughty

In front of ignorant

Victims who

Have nothing to eat.

The wicked don’t sleep

Without scheming

Whom they will

Devour. It tastes

Sour, the flavor of the water.

Power, that’s what they are after.

My hour, my time,

They will cower,

My Name is a strong tower.

Don’t you understand,

My Son is seated at my right hand,

Ready, worthy, eager to see His glory.

Without trepidation he will tread upon the nations.