Storm In Me

Storms ahead and thinking of my response to the madness. Giving credit to the song Vice Verses by Switchfoot in the line ‘city life, city lights.’ I think that song emphasizes questioning God’s actions but surrendering at the end of the day.

Johnson ruled the eighties

Jordan ruled the nineties

Now who is left to rule me?

Who is left to conform me?

The storm comes, who speaks—who sits, who repeats what will bring division

And what will make a storm-

Counsel he says

Do you have it?

A foundation he says is it under you

Do you have a clue what you have built?

Or have you built something else?

Can you love and stay in that love?

Can you leave behind cultural apprehensions?

Can you stay in the tensions of wrath and mercy

Can you hear the voices out of these winds, these

Torrential downpours—can you see God in the city lights,

In the city life where you once lived, where you still want to

Be? Can you stop pointing now at all those that need judgment

Can you point at yourself and ask for mercy


The land of lights, camera and action call out

Now in sweet subtle dissatisfaction does beauty remain

Down the Hollywood lane and all deliberate speed does

Appease the peace in me, the middle east buttons of war are

Thought of all the more and now she settles upon the gold rushes

Of the ages, and the pages of time flip with new deals to get it viral

And we spiral in awe of what never changes, the endless engagements

And revisions of entertainment, now with much excitement and much

Enticement the serpent slips between my toes and rows his way toward

The foul and bitter streams in my dreams and all the making it talk is now

Faking it chalk upon my best intentions and I wave goodbye to sunny sweet

LA and pursue a new getaway into a  new collision and new revision, caused

Simply I am not lost, I just walked away and Venice beach faded with the sunset

Strip and made me limp and walk with no hip to guide me down a new path of

Singularity for the cameras and the action still has brought  no satisfaction and

Am I chasing now after the wrong dream and sowing new seams for a new outfit

To outdo what I know not to do, Lord let it not be said that the factions of the actions

Of mine were not enough to have a spine and face you without empty words, for let

What I do shake and move, for let my dreams be rooted in power to shift things

And last forever


But sorry to say I got the Bieber fever and

Pop culture wasting all of time, Lady Gaga tweets

Invading my mind, all the wasted time to trite to express

To short to get taller now, all the clubs and drugs are

Calling out to be inside the machine of the American dream,

Wasted youthfulness calls out with the temptress, wisdom

Justified this time, the bride is covered in ashes this night

Now and the fool has an appointment with a barn stacking

Collision, colluded and invaded, the sense of pop becomes a

Snap and before Me now, there’s no app for that, sky splitting

And Jesus sitting, in front of me now is judgment now, and

All the wasted internet clicks will certainly have no time for

This and baby lyrics will now hear it—burned daily before Him

Now, so I get on the ground and hear Him louder now, shame

Is no longer an issue rather I must address of all the excess

That I lived in for years and wasted basement times of

Just pretending He ain’t mine, its all called into judgment

All that is before my eyes and fingers—let there be no more


28 Cents Later

Penniless and harmless it seems, my last 28 cents went to the redbox

In stock and in lock stock fashion, she wasted my time and called out

Upon the shores of wisdom’s house, beckoning that I waste my time with

The perverted arts again, seemed like sure fire manipulation and scandalous

Seduction, but it seems these days I’m running out of options, the swiss army

Romance only lasted for some months then winter came then you never

Were the same anyway, then I was wasted away on self medication trying to

Change direction and dedication but soon it will be over and my 28 cents

Will be washed over and accounted upon on receipt tape and shouted at

The gate, come in Son and crossover, here are the books of records for

Your life of intentions and judgment has come and opened me up again,

All the lights on, no more living in the dark, it hit the spark and red to me

Kindly on my kindle light and read me the pages of my moments of poverty

In this life and death comes quick and has no book on this but do I want to

Live away wasted away for me, no I’d rather make an impact and live under

The influence, 10 years later, still serving the gray chairs and still decked out

With wheat and tares, in between me I live for me and that’s exactly what He

Is correcting inside of me, this is just a test but soon its time to stand and that

Moment will be hard to understand