Eyes And Mercy

Thinking about temptation and darkness around but trust in God to redeem.

Eyes have seen

What will destroy

In the unseen

Fingers have clicked

On what will one

Day click no more

Man says: give me

Justice, world change

Around us, lets discuss

This: if God is good,

Then dark is allowed

I’ve lost Him somehow

Man stays with clicks

Today, seeing and going

Where he does not stay

Struggle within now

Has me in, what is

The greatest sin?

To live and breathe

Very unaware that

The world around

Does not care

Blows and goes past

Each day, makes its

Head to have no

Lay—no rest, no

Chest, no room for


To see creation opened

Wide, to have your eyes

Very shut, man sees that

God is not enough

For this fallacy I

Ask for mercy, for

This treachery, I

Ask for mercy

For this man that I do

Talk about, I speak

Of me, that is what

This peace is about

Justice, Part Two

I felt my post on justice was a little scrambled. For the sake of regretting the movie I saw I don’t want to mention it but what I saw made me tremble on the inside. It is poignant to note that the issue of social justice and the deliverance of the oppressed is a flowing theme all through scripture. There are many parables and words in red letters that Jesus proclaimed that He would do. Isaiah tells us that the promises of the fullness of redemption. One point to better expand the grave need for justice all across the world. My premise: the wisdom of night and day prayer. I spend four years in Kansas City burning for the word and prayer. This is what I was made for. Before birth intercession and proclamation is my berth; without a doubt. The promise of night and day intercession, or better to be explained: the simplicity of perseverance build a hole in the heavens for God to do what He desires to do. If we study at all the nature of God we know He is truth and desires to set the captives free. It is in the place of waiting on Him in the study of the word we see that the fullness of justice will without a doubt recoil the girt of the earth. He will not relent on establishing His holiness and justice on the earth.


The Ruckus: we continue to spend time in His presence and let Him awaken us and give us sobriety to what He wants to do. And in it s not tedious for me to repeat these things. He wants us to love justice. This comes from, as earlier stated, perpetually burning before Him and staying close to His heart. For the fullness will come but we continue to cry out all of our days.

A Word About Justice

I saw a movie earlier tonight that was the cliched story of a man who takes things into his own hands when the system does not give him the justice that he deserves. I want to express that I do not have all the answers to this issue because it is HUGE but I will say a few pertinent things you could selah on.

The Ruckus: God is the one that takes care of vengeance because He is the only one worthy to judge and keep men accountable for their actions. He is the judge and we are too not take vengeance into our own hands.

So, what do we do when what we cannot control comes against us. Because everyone has suffered  eft misunderstood at why life can be so harsh. Believer and unbeliever desires to reckon ineffable pain and suffering.

As I was watching this movie I was bombarded with the applause from the crowd that an ordinary man had his family taken away forom him. That the whole justice system must pay for its corruption.

The conclusion, we surrender it all to God. For everyone, lawyers, citizens will all answer before the judgment seat of Christ. And it is then that we are spoken for and God will take care of our enemies out of  His love for Justice and holiness. This is who He is.

The Remedy For The Oppressed

With brevity, The Soloist is about a beat down writer who encounters a down trodden homeless man with a serious talent to play the cello. In his attempts to keep his column fresh he chooses t help this man. What he learns is that medication and food and more stuff to make things better are not the remedy for this man’s problem, rather friendship is necessary.

For the average homeless person goes days upon end without talking to a single soul. For tepid waters have we basked in thinking that maybe more money and more materialism will save the oppressed. I am not saying that we shouldn’t give money or clothes or food but that is not going to solve the problem.

2 main thoughts are going through my head. One, The Gospel must be the apex of our solution. And I mean the non-self-help-be-a-better-person Gospel but the words in red, the words of Christ. For Jesus came to the earth to save, to restore the sick, to cause the blind to see, to raise the dead and for the poor(the homeless, those on the streets) to have to gospel preached to them. Jesus declared justice by showing us that in Him is the only way for salvation. The poor and down trodden need a serious power encounter with God. They need the power of God to deliver them from layers and layers of darkness.

Two, we need to listen and be friends to those who have no one to talk to. Our greatest weapon is not necessarily what we have to say, but what we don’t say in order to cause solace toward the speaker. And the speakers are the thousands that wander the streets without a friend, in fear of someone stealing from them, drugged out and strung out. We respond to these things in love and listening, the key.

I have more to say about this subject. I think along with a proper understanding of the fear of the Lord we also need to understand what God says about justice. And what it means for us to walk that out in this age. And ultimately looking with the ‘blessed hope’ to the day when vindication will come. When Jesus will physically set foot on His earth and with tenacious fire in His eyes He will make wrong things right. He will destroy all who stand in His way.