Endless Attempts

Endless attempts
Man’s seeking security
Man’s dodging eternity
Forever an endeavor no
Man lives by, exits to the
Sky and its highlights,
Up and up man wants to
Go, making an endless know
All to what will be pursued
And ensued upon, man attempts
To save Himself, to throw God
On the shelf, to disregard His steps
And His ways—man takes endless
Attempts to get to God, but cost He
Says do you have it? Sacrifice, are you
Willing to carry it? Death, love, light,
And dark, are you willing to carry
A spark—and flames you want they
Will consume you—purity you will
Have to have, eyes of light will keep
You bright—my endless attempts
Are to know you God, not to live
Without you—let me know that
I know that I am attempting to
Be in love and burn in that love
Over and over again—I need it