The Power Of God

I feel like a powerless child with no arms and hands. I feel I have no ploy to reach the darkness around me. To pierce through it with something from heaven. I imagine myself setting people free with the words that come out of my mouth. But it feels like a make a wish foundation toss in the fountain.

I don’t say these things to render any false humility or sound like I have no clue what I am talking about. I am saying these things because the more I stare at the word and the promises of Jesus the more I see that it really takes giving Him everything to be able to “bear” “Handle” “embody” the power of God. We use words like “vessel of His glory.” Referring to committing ourselves to a lifestyle of what IHOP would call: prayer, fasting, deep and long meditation of the word and eating the scroll as Ezekial and John say. The scroll is bitter and sweet. It is the great and terrible Day of the Lord that we looking too. The culmination of darkness in a way we cannot imagine but a release of the potent Holy Spirit that will give us Revelation 12:10 “The power of our testimony through the blood of the lamb.”

I want to expand on this but to conclude. I leave you this ruckus. If it takes everything(strongly linked with the Sermon on the Mount lifestyle what will it take to reach a generation and set them free. Real freedom. Reel Isaiah 61:1-2.


Uphill From Here

Did I ever imagine things would come to this? Late nights of poetry plaster on these walls built for the Orange County type. I am no jaded skater jeaned kick flip rebel just looking for a rail to grind. I am no athlete to strong armed to wrestle my opponent against the ring wormed mat. I am just a man pacing like a lion ready to roar, boxed in by choice but free by inheritance, descendant from the mountaintop. Its uphill from here. The crisis might just make us collide so intensely that we forget why we were fighting in the first place. That all I have to hold onto is not some degree or some accolades that men have bestowed on me. Its not that sky that I am looking to. Its not that upward mobility that I get my stability but rather a hidden force beneath my feet that I face, that I chose to crack the mirror and through the bleakest stare I wonder how we got here. How all the pain in this world and in our lives leaves us looking for the Cross. As I recently watched the Passion of the Christ I realized that the most profound truth about all the lacerations wasn’t so much the endless whippings but it was the Ethiopian man that helped Jesus carry his cross. It was this man, just like us, helping Jesus and Jesus himself humbly allowing someone to help him carry it all the way to Golgotha. Its uphill from here, they could both say. For me, I don’t want to be concerned with my autobiography and the things that make me so great but rather the humble submissions that pull me toward that homeless man in the middle of the street as in need as I am for bread, for shelter and safety. If my uphill descent would make any sense I hope you stay up late for the right reasons, I hope you dream so brightly that no one has to understand why you do what you do. Of course, we need Christ, he needs to be the center of our dreams. But what I am up late crafting is the desire to see, to release creativity into the air. For you out there that think you have it underneath your feet. You have a little bit of space to fly yet you wonder why you were created this way and heaven might say that you have permission, remission of sin, to fly and fly as high as you can go.

If you hear the Ruckus in this economic crisis. Its not money that we need but messengers, harbingers of the disasters soon to sweep through this earth. So calling on all those that have lips to speak and songs to sing, start now, let it flow, trust; let go.

That’s all for now.