Facebook Discussions: Honor And Tithe

Posting this from my facebook page:

This verse scares me a bit..Luke 16: 11″Therefore if you have not been faithful in the use of unrighteous wealth, who will entrust the true riches to you? 12″And if you have not been faithful in the use of that which is another’s, who will give you that which is your own? 13″No servant can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and wealth.”

To sum up months of thinking about giving and the tithe I will say our unwillingness to give money can cause a lack of spiritual understanding. If giving money and stewarding it rightly is connected to “wisdom and understanding” then is it possible that the dullness of our hearts has more to do with our lack of honoring our pastors then it does with some besetting sin? 1 Tim. 5:17 says “double honor” to the man teaching the word..Galatians 6–share in all good things with him who teaches.” I know those are just two verses but it is really shallow to just sit in church and think that we can receive a message and then think not giving is an option.

Many would object and say, “what about all that prosperity seed-faith stuff from years and years ago?” Yeah, so what. Of course, people abused the sewing a seed and reaping a harvest lingo to only mean money, but the principle here of money and honor and then a entrusting with power from on high..its still connected.

If we do not give to a church then we are not honoring the leaders there. Honor does not mean you agree with every doctrinal nuance but it does mean you give and submit to their leadership. If we don’t submit to our leaders then we are not submitted to God and if we are not submitted to God then what would we be? I mean saved you could be but a follower of Christ gives everything. Luke 9:62-anyone who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is not FIT for the kingdom of God.” If I can’t tithe my ten percent then why should God trust me to preach the Gospel. I am not that awesome to begin with so how does skipping over tithing make me more awesome. Love demands that we lay everything down not religiously but because most of us will if its seeing God in His beauty. I pray we can give in every area of our lives.

Poverty And Laundry

Where do I go, where do I go from here?

Its very clear that nothing now is clear,

Your voice now Lord is what I want to hear,

Running from you has been my getaway,

Recalling the things you have said, living this life now in the red,

Debt in need of collection, man in need of recollection, thoughts of poverty

Turning in me, empty sundry, dirty laundry, starvation in anticipation boiling hot

Ramen in dire change of situation, the poorness of this condition has stolen all my

Attention, volition is what I am trying to assess because strength is what I want to

Possess, the dirt that has been rising has me now changing my thoughts for the things

That have been taught to me, clean is what I mean and what I need, trying to be strong

And always suceed, the scroll does receed and read me in this position, I am trying to get

Back to you and things you’ve said are now in my head, lying down on my bed wanting

To rest in the place that has been made for me, the fearful place called safety,

Laundry is still sitting there where it does get less dirty, but now with me there is less

Clarity, less austerity, less audacity to do what is right, to grow up in one night, to be a man

And try to understand that poverty is apart of the plan to grow strong in trusting Him

Lottery Man

Lottery man with a ticket in hand

Price Chopped life, a hack in the making and a discount

Faking, to little sense inside his wallet, to much pain now on the ballot,

Voting friendly he seems to be and somehow now he’s gotten to me,

A vended machine life, just numbers and buttons and shiny lights,

Vagrant always he does seem, open to whoever will see him through

And sit down and have some recollection of all those days he did go

Wasting and it clicks inside my intuition do I walk over and give some

Solution, beaten down by life’s affairs I surely wonder if he ever cares,

Or notices with Holy ambition that He needs to change his condition,

If money really is the motivation or if He needs a lovely girl but could she

Really change Him like that, or does he like the lottery to live like that?

So I sit and wonder and really ponder does it matter what I do or say

In moments like these, or do I sit back and really at ease? And stay hidden

Inside myself for only he could ever see what’s really changed inside of me

Bank Lady

To my favorite teller and all the free coffee, love you Valley View Bank.

B ank Lady


Bank Lady set it steady and stern

You got to come hither and learn

Pennies down, shame in town,

Relatives sent money, wasted away on sweet

Honey, she said you’re in the red, I said I am

Better off dead sue me instead, Valley Views

Been coming in, shadows lurking who am I trusting

I am now rusting and splitting at the seam, who is on my

Team, widow’s mite ain’t my spite or my claim or my name

Rather I feel the same sound coming down my spine, where

Has all my money gone and why all the dine in wine and

Wasted time, but it keeps coming with free coffee in hand

I walked out that door to smell the soar and sly look in my

Mind, this day forth I am gonna stay poor instead and

Assume the position that I got to get humble to the max

Out and credit out the blood I owe like mud stuck in slidding

And used to gliding free of murky waters but now its clear

In the gutters, I’d rather be used to poverty then sweating

The prosperity and living the dream all the time, for what

I have is what I am accounted for not the what’s and should

Haves of tomorrow but what I’ve been given today

Upon My Head

Its been a sweet, sweet summer. One that I will never forget. A summer filled with the American Dream. Since living in California I have often reflected on a few attributes that seem to define this state that feels like its own country.

The gold rush in the 1800’s was a time of flourishing. Lucrative to say the least it paved the way for the ambition of men and women to search for “a better life.” It was the Clark and Lewis expedition to escape from a life that doesn’t satisfy and earn more money. And this resulting in contentment and the fulfillment of our own declaration of independence…”life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

I want my life to succeed, I want a life full of pleasure and success that will never let me down. This seems to be the mindset of humans and certaintly the aspiration of many that have filled up California but like oil in water many have sunk to the bottom. The Mayflower has crashed for many.

 My ruckus: as belivers in Christ what is our response to the American Dream? What is our attitude in a world that is full of ambition and the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life; as John says.

Upon my head I want the blessed crown of life given to all who persevere through a life of trials and a life fully dependent upon Christ. It is okay to want to suceed, to want money and to want to feel that you are doing something important and meaningful offering it to the world around you.

But without Christ the pursuit of the American Dream is fool’s gold to those digging for success like the pioneers of the Gold Rush.

This has been my sweet, sweet summer. I don’t want to settle for anything the world has to offer, I want to aspire to all the Christ has to offer.