Movie Review: The Prince Of Egypt(1998)

Again, in parenthesis, you can call this ‘favorites of the summer’ and possibly one of the best religious/spiritual film of all time. And if it so happens to be in the animated category then it really doesn’t matter what else can even come close because other than The Passion Of The Christ not many other Christian films come close. Like I had said in the LEGO movie review the animated genre has more going for it then you would even consider on the front end of things.

Writers: Phillip Lazebnick, Nicholas Meyer

Directed by: Brenda Chapman, Steve Hickner

Plot: With this key phrase( in Hebrew the word is Yocheved) a woman says, ” My son, I have nothing I can give, but this chance that you may live.” And so most have heard the story of Moses but this is it. The Palace, the brotherhood and the rebellion. The audacity to confront the evil Pharoah and the same man that murdered a man out of his desire to see justice and to see peace be established to his own kind. Leading the people out of Egypt and with one very climatic scene of the dead sea splitting open this is one worthwhile musical/film.


Other points to be noted: I have heard the story of Exodus my whole life. Stemming from early five to six years old hearing it in Sunday school. And a decade ago( when I really started reading the bible for myself) I really got into the bible and embraced all the stories of Old and New. Most Christians skim over the Old Testament or avoid it altogether because we don’t like what we see when we see God. We don’t like the “Old Testament God” that we say is so divided and so cut off from “grace” and “mercy,” but seeing the way God cares for His people Israel is a more relevant piece of knowledge then perhaps just kitschy Christian films that seem to center more on “being positive” then in actual telling the truth and preaching the Gospel.

The deeper meaning: the story is simple and the characters are complex. That is often times the power of complexity. It is not in the actual storyline where subplots and subtext fuel the main things, rather the beauty lies in the complexity of the people. I am more convinced now more than any other time in my life in watching films that the characters and the humanity that they offer is what stays with me more and most certainly it is in this film’s case. God will have a people fully knit to His heart and to His will. It is a grave mistake for us to look at events happening in the Middle East and to simply gawk over some warped idea that all that remains and matters today is some pseudo Gentile mission that is devoid of Israel. Jesus will remain in the limitations of a man and still be fully God but has not and will not change the fact that He is a Jew and is Jewish and is returning to the city of the great king called Jerusalem. It is a serious error to eliminate Israel from any form of Second Coming theology and even from any belief and teaching that effects the way that we live today.

It is also true that people have misunderstood or overdone modern day Zionism and have become ‘to concerned’ with bringing salvation to the Jews because they are so hardened and missed the first coming, so lets try really hard to make them not miss it a second time. There is a need for balance and for both perspectives but seeing this film inspires that God is for His people Israel and will continued to use them as his battle ax and He will do us until He makes Jerusalem the place where He rules and reigns from and disciplines the nations from there.

Favorite lines: She says, “God saved you to be our deliverer! She says you are Moses, you are our deliverer!”

“God will not abandon you, so don’t abandon us!”

This is must see for everyone and for sure anyone who claims to be a Christian.




I am keeping the stubs,
I am searching for the truth,
I am bored, I am a lost soul,
I am not in control of lonely,
Or in control of empty,
Or ready to be buried,
Six feet under,
Six days until the thunder
Comes, a six day war O you
Jerusalem, an insane asylum—
A peeled onion,
I am pain and the
Tears and the layers
And layers of Kodak
Fears—picture me God,
Less lonely, less sad,
Less of a boy, more of a
Man, I picture it,
I stub it,
I tear it off and
Keep it—I look at the
Truth—do not tear that
Off and throw that away—
All I have is stubs,
I search, I thirst,
And seek for the whole

Movie Review: Transformers: Age Of Extinction(2014)

When you are in New York maybe the last thing you want to do is see a movie because you could do that anywhere. But, seeing this film with my good, good friend Eric where he lives now makes it more worth matter the film. I am still selective but also a believer in what even some people would call bad movies..I am still a believer even if critics rip something apart.


Writer: Ehren Kruger

Director: Michael Bay

Plot..or whatever it is to be called..

No, I am not as harsh as the reviewers nor(as in all of these movie reviews) claim to really break down films necessarily. I just like movies and look a little deeper at most anything that people flock to. Transformers 1 and 2 were chalk full of nasty puberty jokes and near-death bathroom humor. High school-ers trying to be maybe adults running around with robots. However, the reason for so many movies is the undeniable and rather shallow expectation that most people have for ANY action movie. You cannot expect deep dialogue tested with twists and turns. This isn’t House of Cards or anything labeled not action. However, some plot is needed to at least keep you appreciating all the in between action.

Michael Bay proves his upward sunset shots and firework explosions over and over and has for at least a decade now. But the story in this fourth film is a little bit of a stretch, yet not as lame as everyone says.


The Transformers are hidden and Frasier is looking for them. Maybe he wants to pycho-babble them to death or bring up their childish night mares that they keep having. Ceasar Flickerman has now shaved his head and is now the black ops version of Steve Jobs and Tony Stark. Technology is our biggest enemy. It is a weapon. It is entrusted to fallen people that can make bad choices and use it for murder and destruction. All along, Optimus Prime loves the humans and has a mysterious creator out there that would be his God. We never meet him, we just know we will in Transformers 5: Battle At The Equator.

I am teasing here a little and not really breaking this movie down. Sorry for that. I am fresh in the mood to say who really cares at the end of the day. I will always love Marky Mark(spellcheck) and I appreciate the rather less than crappy objectifying of women going on in this movie. And I did feel as if I was watching War Of The Worlds(summer 2005) in terms of really bad father/child dialogue. I am glad Hollywood still thinks most men are idiots and incapable of growing up.

In the end, I think what matters here is not war and not the power that technology offers. That is the subtext underneath the really bad emo music. I think what matters is that some things never change. The world remains what it is. Humans win. Humans are the essence of everything. Even greater then any machine. The machine only resembles what the humans tell it to resemble. Action will remain an ever increasing interest and violence will continue to get worse and worse as it is masked in a more “family action movie.” It is 2014 and things are rapidly changing in our world. I don’t consider it a waste to see that that is a reality. But what will be a waste is when reality clashes with what is not real. And to be able to see that you might have to not believe everything you see in the movies.

The irony, however, is that you are sitting in a electric building running off modern technology watching a movie about how dangerous technology can be. Its a mirror. And it always will be.

Take your chances. A much to long movie but not a complete waste. I love explosions! Happy Fourth Of July!


Movie Review: Captain America: The Winter Solider(2014)

I really can’t believe it has been this long. I mean Captain America 2 is still playing in some obscure movie theaters around me but for the most part its time to wait for it to be released on DVD. It has been a solid 6 years now that Marvel has been releasing movies now more attached to Marvel as a studio. Of course there has been Superman, Batman and Green Lantern from DC Comics. But Marvel has really stepped it up ever since Iron Man and the Edward Norton Hulk.


Summer 2011 marked the first Captain America movie. I have to admit that I enjoyed it but the whole story behind Steve Rogers is not really that interesting. Its important but is not very interesting. Here’s why. We like Iron Man and Tony Stark because Stark is sort of a jerk, a genius, a billion dollars man and a womanizer. But what he is really known for and what makes him the most prominent in his business is his weapon making Stark industries. Here is a man who does not see the destruction of his ways..well until he gets forced to see it. Stark takes his bad boy, bad attitude, glamorous lifestyle and uses it for good. He gets the conviction and creates what everyone never would have thought he could have done. Bruce Wayne(Batman) does kind of the same thing. Both Stark and Wayne become self-made superheroes. However, Captain America is already sort of a good guy and loyal and is supposed to represent the sincere soldier patriot that we assume everyone is before they go to Iraq and Afghanistan. But this sequel plays it in a whole new and very non-boring way.


Directors: Anthony and Joe Russo

Writers: Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely and Ed Brubaker. Based on the comic by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon.

Stars: Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Anthony Mackie, Samuel L. Jackson and Sebastian Stan

Plot/Overview: Set some time after Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 and really very soon after The Avengers, Steve Rogers is adapting to life in Washington, D.C. Jogging around the Lincoln Memorial with elapsed time effect Steve meets Sam Wilson(a.k.a. Falcon) and introduces him to music he should listen to. Steve is also accompanied by Black Widow and that Cobie Smulders girl. Steve is thrown into his next mission in partnership with a bunch of CIA renegade types(meaning, they look like renegades). An apprehension of a ship taken captive by “pirates.” The plot thickens and turns against the ones you wouldn’t expect it. Nick Fury gets ambushed in his bulletproof car(which makes for an epic scene!) and almost dies. Steve soon discovers that he can’t really trust anyone. Up comes to the surface the Robert Redford guy(Alexander Pierce) who says, “to build a better world, sometimes means tearing the old one down, and that makes enemies..” Of Course this elicits Steve’s main line of the whole movie. He says, “I used to know what is right( or the right thing to do) but I don’t know anymore!” Essentially this is the good guy Steve questioning his moral compass and pressing the issue. It gets revealed that the Winter Soldier is actually Bucky(his best friend in life before he became Captain America).

Steve Rogers struggles to embrace his role in the modern world and battles a new threat from old history: the Soviet agent known as the Winter Soldier. I really think I even need to see this movie again. I saw it right when it came out in April and was watching in 3-D so some details have slipped my mind. In the end Falcon fights and the Captain lives on and the Winter Soldier is not dead. They really could make a third movie and I think they should.

The deeper meaning


I think comic books throw us off because we don’t expect them sometimes to point their fingers on deep political issues, but they can serve as very relevant pieces of art that expose our justice system. I think the whole idea of shield is similar to the idea of the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. act and Homeland Security and the NSA. It seems as if in order to keep America safe from terrorism that we have to develop these multidimensional secret teams and underground operations in order to “keep America safe.” Our secret torture of prisoners( or otherwise possible terrorist) in Guantanamo Bay. Its probably not so much of a secret now but it takes place. The C.I.A. and the US government has let the people believe a lot of things in order to always cover up what really is going on. S.H.I.E.L.D. borders the line of keeping people safe and protecting them with also possibly putting our “super” heroes in harms way or in a compromising way in order to keep people safe. Its a tension and its a reality.

Do we really need these super powered freaks to keep us safe. ‘No one does good, not even one!’ How can normal people with special abilities know even how to do the right thing? Sometimes, its because they are the only ones willing to do it. Captain America borders this line and question. Power hungry people like Robert Redford in this movie will always be fighting to tear down the walls of safety and the illusion of protection. Doing right becomes more of a personal, subjective conviction, rather then a general claim that we put up as people. Steve represents the good intentions of the military but the negative imprint it leaves on men and their minds and their families.

In conclusion, “its not freedom, its fear!” The building of a new world means that the system has to be questioned and tested. Aside from all of these political thoughts the action in this movie far surpasses most of the Marvel movies. And the scene in the elevator when Captain says, “before we start, does anyone want to get out?”

Who will do what needs to be done? Even if it means compromising what you believe to be right and wrong.

Everyone should see this movie..seriously see it.

Can You Move Me cause lowercased letters and unsaved people can?

Its with no question and speculation that we have a desire to worship and to stand in awe of something. We constantly obsess( or seem like we don’t) over people with talent, looks, charisma, acting ability, lyrical genius, storytelling ability, exc. The list goes on for all of us. Our American Dream lingo keeps us believing that its either Hollywood or being homeless on Venice beach.

Everyone has a story. Everyone has pain and suffering and want the world to understand them. Lajos Egri in his book The Art Of Dramatic Writing, tells the story of someone smashing the statue of Zeus. He gets caught and he says, “I am a nobody. All my life I’ve been a nobody. I’ve never done anything to distinguish myself and I knew I never would. I wanted to do something to make people notice me…and remember me.” After a moment’s silence he added, “Only those people die who are forgotten. I feel death is a small price to pay for immortality!”

The point is that humans will do whatever they can to elicit praise. And mostly it comes from other people. We worship not just ourselves( the worst form of idolatry) we worship other people. Its no secret from the tabloids that our desire to praise people turns to destruction when someone gains more weight then we want them to, or divorces, or kills, or destroys, or steals or does what all people do. The worshiped pay the price so that they stay worshiped. I am sure Kim Kardashian has a soul and God have mercy, but she seems to be fine with either faking her stupidity or really just not caring that the whole world sees every part of her all the time.

I am more moved by the fact that the best storytellers other that God Himself exist and function and live to move me in my deepest being. To keep me addicted to it. To keep me streaming it, buying it and spending all my free time on it. I am the man willing to smash Zeus and spend my life enjoying it.

Entertainment is an idol but it also makes sense why we love it so much. It makes sense why we would spend $20 every Friday or any Friday for that matter. Instead of family time on Christmas some of the best of the best movies of the year come out instead. We will always love it. And we will continue to pay to hear the stories told.

Our condition makes its petition. The frailty of our existence. Our limitations. The fact that most people are not happy and are not satisfied with marriages, and kids and careers. We will always love the scandals(not just the show Scandal) but the endless corruption. The corrupt cop movies. The distorted trust that politicians ask us to place in them. All so Watergate scandals can disarm a nation and yet government continues and secrets get buried deep. We want the stories of dysfunction to resonate with our own depravity. We will pay for it again and again.

This talent cannot be taught. It might be for some. You either have it or not. You either can bring it to a place that makes sense for all to understand. But one thing is one that has put the desire to tell stories and the desire for us to matter and be important.

Do you have the story to tell and do you have the story to sell?


Movie Review: Godzilla(2014)

Summer is here. School just ended on the superstition of Friday the 13th. This review( as well as X-Men too) are three weeks old. I saw Godzilla on memorial day. And because of the emptiness of the movie theater it toned down the infamous creature called Godzilla but the empty theater did not equate to the feeling of..’I just wasted the last two hours on this..’


This picture above was the most intriguing when the trailer for Godzilla was released the scene of the general speaking to the troops before they make the dive.

Director: Gareth Edwards

Writers: Max Borenstein and Dave Callaham

Stars: Elizabeth Olson, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Bryan Cranston and Ken Watanabe.



In 1999 the Janjira nuclear power plant explodes. Joe Brody loses his wife Sandra to the accident. Now 15 years later he searches for the truth behind the incident. Ford Brody(Joe’s son) returns home after his father gets arrested. This leads them to discover what really caused the plant’s explosion. As well as, Dr. Ichiro Serizawa searching for answers to. Godzilla comes to the surface and not completely underwater( like in the past) but rather emerging as not so much an enemy and rebel looking to hatch his eggs in a sport’s arena(the Mathew Broderick version). But also the MUTO( these alien flying like creatures) appear as well. There is some sort of transfer of egg like substance sitting in the belly of Godzilla. I honestly can’t remember( like some other movies I have seen recently) what happens to Godzilla. Most of us have to believe that even if it looks like Godzilla dies that it most likely won’t be a final death. And I am sure they will make a sequel to this new reboot, so he has to live on.

Meaning and reflection:

The Leviathan like creature is really more of a reflection of man verse nature. There is this underlying message just like in Planet of the Apes of humans not being able to control and master science. And when man messes with nature to much it turns on us. The inevitable enemy of humanity is something that man cannot control. Keeping in mind that this originated in Japan years ago is it possible that Godzilla represents the capitalism of the west blowing up most of Japan in response to Pearl Harbor during World War 2. I don’t know but at least in this version of Godzilla its more about understanding the tension between nature and man. In the end and at the end of the day all that matters is that humanity prevails and that humanity lives on in the process of opposition. Any kind of resistance that comes our way we will find a way to win. Not just as Americans but as people. Blue fire is still fire, but that made it much cooler for some reason.

“The Arrogance of man is thinking they are in control of nature and not the other way around..” somebody said this in the film–


Top Ten Most Memorable Movie Experiences, Pt. 2

The top ten countdown continues. It really is even hard to just narrow it down to ten memorable movies. I am only talking of movie theater/opening day/opening night-experiences. For the record ,I would say that when Star Wars Episodes 4,5 and 6 all with remastered sound in the 90’s, was the most hyped up I have ever seen people. Following that was Titanic in 1997. By far those were epic in emotion and looking back now they still stand out. This is why the new Star Wars will cause the earth to spin twice in one day. Who cares if its Disney, its gonna be worshiped.

To continue 6-10 in the countdown..

#6 Superman Returns And Batman Begins( Summer 2005 and 2006)


2004 marked my first year in Kansas City and my first movie experience in any Kansas City theater was when Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins was released. My good and long time east coast friend Gregory James broke it down for me. What I mean is he read the comic and I did not. And who could resist the scene when Bruce Wayne’s dad rolls down into the water well and says to Bruce, “Don’t be afraid!” Batman takes his darkness, takes his fears and builds a new life as a superhero.

Superman Returns


From October 2005 to October 2006 I worked at the Palazzo theater on 135th street in Overland Park, Kansas. Pretty much the Orange County of Kansas. Again, greg and I took the late show(which after I worked all night til 6am). Bryan Singer( who is a Christian) seemed to really tie in some theological meaning. Really, I was mostly in awe of the last 30 to 40 minutes. Superman appears to die when the kryptonite interacts to close to him. He falls from the sky and crashes to the earth. He gets up and the white line hospital bed sheets are neatly folded as if he was never there. Not reading to much into it, but in terms of the emotion of the moment I was gripped with awe at that. But even more so, when Superman then visits his son( apparently Lois Lane and Superman had a super-baby) he says, “And the son becomes the father, and the father becomes the son.” Classic. Superman still does play off that God-Man thing. Where he is like a deity just enclosed and covered up in flesh.

Movie #5 The Dark Knight( July 2008)


I wrote a post a couple years ago called ‘My Dark Knight’ and by far this movie really should be #1 in terms of absolute movie theater mania. However, I said in that post and will say again, that this film was incredibly twisted and deceptive. I think what really threw me off was the fact that I was with all my IHOP-KC friends. It was my summer after graduating from IHOPU and my first summer working with David Sliker and Brent Steeno at Awakening Teen Camp. (as I have not yet detailed in this blog yet) but I had my own mental set of issues and struggles that had occurred October of 2007. During my last year of school while I was on the Night watch. While I was recovering from severe panic attacks and lots of sleepless night Heath Ledger passed away January 2008. And it was almost as if myself and Heath were battling the same thing, except his ended in severe tragedy. What struck me the most  was watching people dress up like the Joker, as if his complexities and insanity were to be worshiped. It was if the darkness of the role created more curiosity in all of us. I am not condemning anyone, however, I can never see this movie again and by far it was the most pumped up I have ever seen people.

Movie #5 Summer 2009 Disappointments

Just gonna say Terminator Salvation mega made me dislike everything I had loved, especially my devotion to the very short lived 2 seasons of the Sarah Connor Chronicles on Fox. Sorry McG, you did not deliver..

Terminator Salvation

I was also mega let down by X-Men Wolverine Origins..which they have been better since then but my midnight hype was very disappointing. I just remember staying up even later then that to watch Robert Duvall in Tender Mercies, which happened to be my netflix in the mail movie that deserves a whole post on how that movie is awesome.

Movie #4 Inception(Summer 2010)

The highlight of this summer was ATC at its best and the Awakening at IHOPU..but in terms of slipping out to see a summer film Inception delivered on multiple levels. It was a 10 year process in writing for Christopher Nolan. If you have the idea, don’t give up on it!.


Movie #3 Super 8(Summer 2011)


Goonies meet the Explorers meets something very original and striking..all through that J.M. Barrie kind of thing where its all throug the lens of kids..genius..much love to J.J. Abrams, please don’t bomb on the new Star Wars!

Movie #2 Avengers and Dark Knight Rises(Summer 2012)



You don’t really have to explain these films..the magic and the awe of both of them made them some high contenders and probably the most lucrative of films. The only other film that seemed to generate more buzz in 2012 was The Hunger Games..and you all know how that has turned out. Avengers was one of the most memorable midnight viewing that I can remember.

Most Recent and perhaps the most memorable at #1: Silver Linings Playbook( January 2013)


Let’s be clear here. I really should write an entire post on this film and I recently just bought the Mathew Quick novel, which seems to be even better than this film. My bias toward loving this movie so much is my own battle with bipolar diagnosis and anxiety and sleeplessness as well as deep depression. Shame and guilt plague the some 25 percent of adults that will run into a mental battle. Going to the hospital, seeing doctors, doing therapy and going to support groups for your unseen illness all can bear unnecessary stigma. This movie also touches on the generational gaps that can take place between our dads of the baby boomer generation and how they relate to us now. It does ring true that sometimes uniting around football is the only way dad’s can relate to their much to tell, but so worth seeing..





Top Ten Most Memorable Movie Experiences, Pt. 1

In light of my last post and mentioning that I am setting aside some time to write some movie and television reviews I think it necessary and mostly for fun to tell some ‘ best of the best’ movie experiences for me. It would be accurate to say that I have seen over a thousand films in the past 6 or 7 years. Maybe in some circumstances that is not something to boast about. I think of in my adolescence that there was more the fear of not seeing something and not having anything to talk about( in terms of movies out). Honestly, the fear of missing out still is sort of part of my decision when it comes to exploring new television shows and movies. In terms of morally, I have not always made the best decisions in terms of what I have allowed my mind to see, but I do feel( at least if you are any kind of writer) that there can be a lot you can find in films if you are looking hard and close enough. Robert McKee in his book Story talks about how the movie experience is an investment for people. Why would people pay money to purposely stare at a black screen for two hours? Or rent a movie for 1.30 at Redbox and risk paying the late fees, or burn through five seasons of a television show in two weeks?

The very optimistic appreciation of the art answer is that there is always something to learn and experience if you are really looking for it. The overly simplistic answer is: people crave and are craving stories.

Stories that probe us and prick us. Stories that are not afraid to tell the truth. Now, yes, there is the entertainment factor and as much as Aristotle in Poetics, says that life cannot be exaggerated, it is usually always getting stretched for us. Essentially we claim to always want something different, or want to see something we have never seen before, but movies pretty much do the same four or five things over and over again and yet we always fall for it and always pay for it, and end up wanting more.

We usually always see some kind of scandal. Scandal that burns bright in front of our minds. Corrupt cop movies. Corrupted business people, leaders of nations and politicians all face threats that most of the time they bring upon themselves. We always see face paced action sequences and crazy fight scenes. And most always we see a love story of some sort. We see sacrifice and people making fool’s of themselves. Yes, even if the reason is just sex, people fight for each other. People lose their vocational positions, money and social status just to have someone they feel they can’t live without. All of these things are  in the shows we watch and in the movies we see. The question then becomes-what do we do with the lessons we learn in the movies? Do we take the lessons from the stories and apply them to our lives? If we look close enough we can see it and we can feel it, and essentially be changed by it.

Movie #10: Godzilla(1998 version)


I remember being officially 12 years old and seeing this film twice in the theaters. My movie friends( and friends too) Brandon and Brad went to this film. The first place we lived as a family in Fort Collins was on rockaway street right next to a movie theater. I spent more time walking over there to see whatever would be playing( of course nothing rated R because I was not 17). It wasn’t so much that Roland Emmerich’s version of Godzilla was so awesome. Ferris Bueller telling everyone that Godzilla is pregnant and blowing up Madison Square Garden is always an interesting twist to the end. I just remember being in awe of the action and the explosions. Maybe it was more exciting because I was only 12.

Movie #9 Planet Of The Apes( the Marky Mark remake) July 2001


The summer of 2001 is where the original title ‘The Ruckus Journal’ began. It was coined in the aftermath of the McCrew’s many adventures. It was the summer where myself, Andy, Isaiah and AJ all worked at McDonald’s. I was the forerunner of the group and the rest followed. AJ’s previous job was at a movie theater in Loveland and so we decided to go there to see this film. I just remember thinking: they better make a sequel. And I also thought that the kiss with the Ape was rather whacky but Lincoln’s face as an Ape, however, was a great way to end the movie. We all know now that ten years later they did do another Planet of The Apes but not with Tim Burton or Marky Mark. Leaving the theater that July night as a 15 year old, I remember AJ ‘s mom telling us ‘its just a movie’ almost to calm us down because our minds were so blown by this film. It was the experience of the film that stood out the most of all the movies we saw that summer.

Movie #8 Spider-Man( May 3,2002)


Most people would say that when you are 16 years old you are a little too old for dressing up, even if it is for your favorite movie. But age did not stop me when Spider-Man came to the theaters. My sophomore years of high school was my last year of ice hockey( I did not know it at the time) and so I was able to borrow the older version of the Spidey costume from Drew on my hockey team. I got the costume and bought the spidey gloves with the silly string shooters( also meant for little kids). I got a lot of laughs at school and especially my math teacher laughed really hard because I came to her class late and told her that I was out saving lives! The time for the movie came and we went to the Loveland movie theater. I remember seeing kids crying because the movie was sold out and I was giving out autographs while we waited in line. The most adrenaline pumped up moment, however, was that we were making so much noise going into the theater that they almost told us to leave. This film was so amazing because I think we all had wanted it for a long time and it was supposed to come out but September 11th happened and they had to re-shoot the end. For sure a pure rush to the head.

Movie #7 Matrix Reloaded( may 2003)


Junior year of Rocky Mountain high school was by far the most stressful year of school and especially the last few months. Somehow I convinced my mom to let me see Matrix Reloaded very late at night knowingly having to get up the next day at 7am. Anyone who is any kind of film critic will probably mention that the first Matrix did something very unique in its slow-mo, fast-mo camera angles. Leading up to the first Matrix many films had tackled action and explosions..especially in the nineties. But the Wachowski brothers did change the game a bit. Reloaded and its freaky crazy highway fight scene and Neo taking on a million Agent Smith’s..favorite parts. One of the best movie theater experiences of that year..for sure.

Movie #6 The Bourne Supremacy( Summer 2004)


I don’t think I appreciated the Bourne movies until years after they came out. The first time I really hung out with Nick Barrett we watched the first Bourne movie. To this day Nick is one my best friends and now we live only 20 minutes from each other. The Bourne movies really redefined not just action but action/drama and action that is driven by characters. What made Jason Bourne such an intriguing character was that it wasn’t so much that he could destroy anyone that came in his path it was that he represented something a lot deeper. Robert Ludlum( the novelist of the Bourne movies) was more showing us the corruption behind the system. The illusion that the government gives to us. That we are to trust the politicians and the CIA to protect us. In the name of keeping things safe they break all the rules in order to keep us thinking that we are fine. Bourne represents the experiment that is done with that illusion to it. It is as if the government leaders need someone to do the dirty work and if that person has a conscious then they won’t get it done. This is what makes it such a good character. Expose the system and destroy the illusion of safety.

That’s all for this first part…

Book Review: Confessions Of A Latter-Day Virgin: Part 2

Having a night to sleep on what I just posted yesterday I have some more thoughts regarding the themes involved in the discussion. But, to not get to off subject, I want to say more about the three I mentioned in the last post because those are very necessary to this book.

First, I will give my overview. Nicole Hardy spans across at least 4 decades of her life from birth to early forties, but primarily she focuses on the bumpy, difficult years of 20 to 30. As well as her thirties. Nicole displays, what one reviewer called ‘Cognitive Dissonance.’ The reviewer wrote: “Cognitive Dissonance is described as: “The term cognitive dissonance is used to describe the feeling of discomfort that results from holding two conflicting beliefs. When there is a discrepancy between beliefs and behaviors, something must change in order to eliminate or reduce the dissonance.”
She struggles through her twenties with the idea of finding her sole value and purpose in two things: marriage and having children. Rather, she wants to stay true to her dreams and desires. She wants to be a writer and spend her time being creative. I relate heavily to wanting to write and be creative. The first 200 pages are full of Nicole sticking to her convictions and having trouble in all her relationships. She struggles with liking the non-Mormon or LDS(Latter-Day Saints) guys because they want sex after a few dates. And she struggles with the seemingly impaired LDS guys who seem to think that women are a means to an end. That we should be in love, but really I need you to bear me some children.

Nicole has a real crisis of faith at 35, nearing almost 36. She decides to stop caving into the pressure and the boundaries of marriage before sex. She succeeds at writing, at diving in the Caymen’s, and being herself. This is where that cognitive dissonance thing comes into play. How hard is it to stay pure outside of marriage? It is hard and I am not trying to champion what parts of this book I wouldn’t do myself. I said in the first part, that as hard as it is God’s boundaries are there for a reason. And we need to press through the lies of culture and value God’s word above people’s comfort. Doesn’t it say-in the end of the age-men would be lover’s of pleasure, rather than God? She comes to grip with these many tensions. And I greatly appreciate someone opening up about how hard purity can be, but also how confusing the “religious dating scene” can be. I put up quotes cause I don’t know what else you would call it. Dating, just by itself, is not easy. Its not the movies everyone. In the movie the guy is at the party with his bros and he figures out who the best looking girl is in the place and goes for it. Next scene: girl and guy wake up the next morning. And people would say: well, I guess the guy got the girl. No. The dating scene is more like this.”Hey, you don’t look your ChristianMingle picture at all?” Awkward…

She does give in and she does lose the label of “virgin” and then it just ends with her getting published in the New York Times.

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Somebody(older poem)

This was written after watching The Tree Of Life by myself in the theaters.


Somebody talk back to me in this movie theater for two
In this strainer of a drainer of blackened colors and fluorescent
Lights, quiet, sweet, sincere desperation roaring past the 50’s
You and me had something no one could take away, it hit me
In the face the quiet pace of a new page to a new story we were
Writing together, in the weather it never stops raining, she said
Longing can gnaw at you forever! Princess, you stay the same, just
Don’t believe those cowboy lies from daddy less soul ties, it hit me
In this movie theater for two that a soul-nother could replace mother,
She would’ve listened to you all night long, how sweet would the jet way
Be if we could hide in that kind of family but somebody not me is walking
This road tonight, somebody is abusing a princess and bleeding the stats
I am reading from this encyclopedia of adolescents, they are left alone to
Somebody and nobody they seem with no mother and no father to address
The home stamp, this is where you belong, this is where longing can gnaw
At you forever, it hit me in the movie theater for two that adding another
Started in the garden and the tree of life slipped past me, did I forget the commandment of the father? It’s not good that you be not together!
Somebody is that person not me, somebody is walking out there without
Me fulfilling a commandment without a look to the sideways gaze. I’ve been learning to love

Again in this maze of the end of the age, I see it on stage of divine haze horses
Pleading with humanity to rebel against the anarchy but somebody is out there
Looking for desire, looking for love, somebody is walking that road alone, let
Me be that man that can’t save you but to live in the garden again that’s what
This whole section is about; I tie these words around you, wear it and remember it
That somebody is not me but whoever you are wherever you are, please understand,
know who you are.