New Fire

A prayer in a poem.

The love that does persist greatly now does insist

I must ask this one persistent question: Lord I want to resist

The gratification of all this worldly temptation, because now because

You died and never lied, stole Lord or had pride, you did it because you

Are in love and that is what my world needs now is more of that love

Somehow, but all my best looks can’t get your attention and now its under

Inspection, to many nights of introspection of asking for a new suggestion

Cause new fire sits beneath me, and fullness now sits inside me because all

Of me is a crossover because there is nothing left over, in reservation I am

Sitting because you are waiting for me really to stop sitting and really now

Start winning, and Lord start trusting to begin now running, and stop trespassing

Because a new head dressing is waiting for the worship in adoration, to many nights

Of all that Aristotle full throttle poetics dreaming me to a slow death and wishing

I had now words to express what I can’t give back to you—that death tattoo upon

My sleeve emptying me slowly for the austerity of uncertainty begins to drip in me,

Because now I have nothing to give back but the everything in the lack and the

Endless giving in me now, death do us part still keeps me from the start, Lord I stop

With all the second guessing I am now here to love you more then

I did yesterday, and give you more then just today, but now and forevermore

Is what you desire, so Lord come with that new fire