Turpentine Day

Sitting on the shoreline

Feeling the turpentine

Layers of me shave away

As the ocean doesn’t stay

Stillness and meekness drain

Me in, for poverty is my

Storage bin, shoreline time

Reaches out to me, turpentine

Peels all of me, deep down

Connection cries out, wisdom

Builds upon my foolishness

Wasted space takes up much

Space, I move away from the

Shoreline, I shift my feet in the

Sand I firmly now take a stand

Give me counsel, give me wisdom,

Give me a life that can’t be shaken

For the turpentine day is soon

Coming the sky will peel back

And standing won’t lack

Before His face we will peel

Back and answer for the life

We’ve built either on the sand

Or from His right hand

Real Desperate

Bags under these eyes

And bags by the door and a heart

That wants more, and always so sick of being tired

And so tired of being sick, and its really clear that nothing

Is clear and the unseen realm is in the helm of this mind and

I got wasted time mounted up upon the mounted sermon you spoke of

And the red letters slip inside these feathers of the brush of paint drops

You have now past me, from the flame of 06 it slips in and stays in like

A holiday inn I am childish and free and eating the spree you have laid

Before me, dear true love plays in repeat and clothes always spinning cause

I am always sinning, and it splits inside me now and oceans of gaps are between

Us Lord and desperation has been the new aspiration but lately its now sweating

In perspiration and I know not of the things that drift between us and the days of

That getaway Ocean of motion had between us, and Hamlet cries out on these pages

And life’s engagements now keep me pacing, and to many times I have had no words

To rhyme but I keep writing Lord cause you are so inviting, and what you’ve placed

Inside the man you’ve created me to be is not worth anymore more waste but haste

In made and I am not made at all, in fact I am poor now and broken before you, and

Anxiety well that left years ago because you now Lord take the place of all that

Worry but sweet desperation not to be alone in this world or forsook by you now

Sweats in these pores and the mores of the kingdom now add up and I feel always

Screwed up by eternal things and time now spent on nothing less then regret, so

Purify my hands Lord and my mind and all the time spent on me and I, and purge

Now a new surge of eternal things and dirt no longer sits in between us, rather I

Ask for the bags to go, for no more time on no sleep now sits between us, so

I ask you Lord: make me desperate for you, real desperate

Waves Of Control

Been passing the red street lights

Under the bridge is where they live

Hiding their propriety and begging for

Money, the high priority has been the sudden

Pregnancy of those close to me, bearing children

On their own, rearing the kids soon to own,

I hone in on the truth and search for the proof,

For lately it has come to me, keeping me from sleeping,

In the middle of the night, my mind searching for

What is right, how do you tell a broken soul that abortion

Lends you out of control and hijacked innocence in the

Name of convenience, is it my highest that has been slipping,

Me thinking that I can switch the ignition and turn this car

Around down the path of the narrow into what carries into

The light, she said it right, she felt tempted then dilated then

My face elated at the news now shattered in the past, no

One can press the gas past the shame to come and the

Wounding by another great name, see I’ve had it wrong and

The pricking prong has stood out under my fingernails,

I can’t give away what once came in a day, the test has been

Practiced and she went with it, afraid at 19 of the west coast

Dream and so it seems that I always assume I really have no

Clue how to walk with scars and pretend you’re not blue,

It tells me something of my own dreams, that a white picket

Fence in orange town could be the biggest frown, that what you

Can’t control keeps you begging for more of gravity to kill the

Cavity of the selfish disease, just a kiss then just a heart to you,

Then just a little bit more and here we are again, at it between aisles

And I’ve listened for years of your tears yet green behind my ears,

Walking through my own separation, earning it by the sea with someone

Who never really liked me, all I wanted was for your protection,

All I wanted was for your safety, yet it slipped through me and

I’ve been holding tight for years afraid of the flight as I watched your

Plight, sometimes autonomy is the best weapon to keep you stuck

In your eternal rut of loud speaking as you were steadily bleeding

On the inside, this song is for you by the ocean blue you spent with

Me, here is for the times you opened up and have grown up and 3 years

Down I shout at the ground and wish for an earthquake underneath you,

Anything to get your attention, so I give up with my pretention and give

You the best invention—the love of the Son, see it around me when

I talk with you, I keep no record of your sin and I pray you see it



Close to my heart is my own story and those who have lived it with me.

The setting was just right, with you I was up all night

Rethinking and reworking my destiny, see it was like this,

Volatile man up late each night, bowl of munchies, drug free

Zone, he owned it, the sky and its exits, to them he shouted out

Loud, feeling the weight  of the world crashing down, mulling over

Reasons of regret and future debt, he later sold it and moved out

West, for the hopes of a better life, she slaved away without complaining,

Serving by his side and slowly dying on the inside, his shouts split wheat’s and

Tares and injected me with fears, doors slammed and bags pack there must be

A fur coat out of this, and there I was just me and my creativity crashing down

Slowly I hid inside of her waiting for the customary tuck in, warmth was my

Dream, safety a pipedream, protection what I sought in great introspection,

And there it was, always making an exit from the fights and the yelling tore

Me in two as I was the better man trying to craft my right hand in the sand

We moved and went and salt water became the better bet, but there it was

In the American dream of palm trees and a balmy breeze, crept in the slow

Disease of living not at ease, she greatly got tossed like the waves at hand,

And put her hand in the sand a line of boundary for the planned out contraband,

Exporting that was about to take place, an exchange for years of pain, now suddenly

Circling the drain, I heard the thunder in upheaval as the story would unravel,

It got the best of me as I crafted another getaway back to the east again, I was

Suddenly afraid of my own skin, why this upheaval now, plucking my best

Strings I finally closed my eyes to never close them again and soon my mind

Went slipping out of my grip I had a new grit to face and there I was lying without

Peace anymore and mulling over regrets to be destined to be like the ones that

Created me, I to was a mess on a shoddy body of tears and brokenness and there

It was 3 years later, rent paid in full and our lives spared from the raging bull,

Here we are now with our own stories to tell, and all at the border of Hell,

For next could be my own disease and those around me to rescue my homeless

Face as I to seem to be a wanderer looking for purpose

His Way, His Word

His Way, His Word,


Words spoken from the dust

Inside, outside, its gonna combust

All around me, you guide Me,

By the hand, you pull back

Storm clouds and I hear

Symphony of

Crowds cheering me

Forward velocity

Towards your generosity

In this time of dire need


8th day sun rises

8th month, its

Worth fresh start

8th day—birth,

New Resurrection

Affection, spread like

Butter on toast all over Me


He is Good Shepherd,

Declares the Preacher,

How absurd to

Not hear your word,

Your commandments

That hide from Me and

Outpourings of Spirit life

Giving abodes of where

You want to dwell in

The swell of My ocean

Motion, rip curl tide

Effect of your words,

Over and over again


Your word isn’t

Hackneyed, but

Blown to bits

Grenade hits

The deepest

Lies, eye salve

Inflammed by

Sties, cool guys

Paving the


To the road to

Nowhere, ending

Up in Hell, How

Is this fair?

Numbered hair

On My head,

Trust like dead man


Sojourner on this

Body of land,

Wondering and

Abutting limitations

On Almighty God


You said it and I sit on it

On the precipice each

And every day


You word proving

True, paving the way,

Uploading glory to

The hard drive,


Redemption story,

Painting it red all

Over this town


Bleeding inside of

Me is the better man

That wants to be free.


And now I see, the

Way you look at me,

The way you stand

Firm, you don’t squirm

When I drown, you lift

Up, put on head golden

Crown, turn world upside

Down, uplift the gasping

Breath seeking for recovery,


The truth is, you have always

Been with Me


And to this end,

I cling to your word