Poverty Gift

The message is in

God will win,

Yesterday was the rest of the

Best parts of me,

If I have passed then

I can outlast whatever will

Come my way

What am I missing if

I am fishing for a blessing

Without cost,

Without pain,

Without rain to work through

Without puddles to cover up for–

The just expect rust for breakfast

The criminals expect paper milk

And evaporated ramen flavors–

I do not get what I deserve–

I am so sick of the lack of love

I have for the abundance of stuff

I own—it must be harder for me then

To receive mercy

For the poverty gift

Unwraps the riches I think

I have, and I so have a need

To learn more on how to

Be poor

Safe Debt

An ode to Orange County. God is terrifyingly good and not safe, to quote Asland.

Safe Debt

Face down
Coffee brown
Getaway town
Orange all around
Safety not found

The county calls to
Me daily, takes all my
Money, its a deep dent
A deep debt, coffee drinking
Lots of thinking

Does escape haunt the rich?
Does running run with the
Famous? Does dark hide the
Light or do I not have it right?

Orange blinks and heaven
Awaits, a safe man
Cannot stand, please try to

The heat from my drink will
Eventually sink, and all I think
Is written in books and looks
Upon looks do angels give
To humans who choose
To die or live

What I have is this Orange County
A highway five of north and south
I dwell in Laguna Niguel

Debt is paid
Daily I live not
In safety, daily
I give back the
Call to everything

Even when we want to run
And see the world just having
Fun, there is a better way

To live safe is an orange stamp
To live free and full is a orange

So get out your own debt
Get out of living rich
Yes to poverty, yes to
Heavenly gravity, out of
Debt and without regret

Bank Lady

To my favorite teller and all the free coffee, love you Valley View Bank.

B ank Lady


Bank Lady set it steady and stern

You got to come hither and learn

Pennies down, shame in town,

Relatives sent money, wasted away on sweet

Honey, she said you’re in the red, I said I am

Better off dead sue me instead, Valley Views

Been coming in, shadows lurking who am I trusting

I am now rusting and splitting at the seam, who is on my

Team, widow’s mite ain’t my spite or my claim or my name

Rather I feel the same sound coming down my spine, where

Has all my money gone and why all the dine in wine and

Wasted time, but it keeps coming with free coffee in hand

I walked out that door to smell the soar and sly look in my

Mind, this day forth I am gonna stay poor instead and

Assume the position that I got to get humble to the max

Out and credit out the blood I owe like mud stuck in slidding

And used to gliding free of murky waters but now its clear

In the gutters, I’d rather be used to poverty then sweating

The prosperity and living the dream all the time, for what

I have is what I am accounted for not the what’s and should

Haves of tomorrow but what I’ve been given today

28 Cents Later

Penniless and harmless it seems, my last 28 cents went to the redbox

In stock and in lock stock fashion, she wasted my time and called out

Upon the shores of wisdom’s house, beckoning that I waste my time with

The perverted arts again, seemed like sure fire manipulation and scandalous

Seduction, but it seems these days I’m running out of options, the swiss army

Romance only lasted for some months then winter came then you never

Were the same anyway, then I was wasted away on self medication trying to

Change direction and dedication but soon it will be over and my 28 cents

Will be washed over and accounted upon on receipt tape and shouted at

The gate, come in Son and crossover, here are the books of records for

Your life of intentions and judgment has come and opened me up again,

All the lights on, no more living in the dark, it hit the spark and red to me

Kindly on my kindle light and read me the pages of my moments of poverty

In this life and death comes quick and has no book on this but do I want to

Live away wasted away for me, no I’d rather make an impact and live under

The influence, 10 years later, still serving the gray chairs and still decked out

With wheat and tares, in between me I live for me and that’s exactly what He

Is correcting inside of me, this is just a test but soon its time to stand and that

Moment will be hard to understand