To Late For Vegetables

Its to late for vegetables
For its nutrients to slip,
For a broken hip season used
To be the reason,
Now tepid is the treason I
Live in—a soft cucumber was
Never the Nineveh messenger,
The hidden asunder under the
Storms of Poseidon,
I was never in for safety,
I just said yes in pain,
And never did try to stay the
Same, sun was always behind
Me, stapled shut was the light,
The trash bags on the window
Edge, on the sea’s kedge,
On the shallow anchor of
The bible belt, on the soft
Felt words that don’t change
Me—vegetable living is the
Hardest of realities, the worst
Of all tragedies, for gray hairs
Have now grown for this life
That I have sown—tears and
Pain in this Hollywood terrain—
I will not quit in seeking the
Deep things, but I will not stay
In the fun zone of games,
And the terrain of safety that
Is called a better place to be—
Deception is never bold letters
But a form with no power—
A scrapbook for the scraps–
I had encountered that purity
Talk once then it left when
All those airwaves changed,
When these bright eyes
Got colluded by the pieces
Called a gift, called for later,
Called for with that special

But one thing is true,
Vegetables don’t do it,
Their shapes and faces
As depth does fall away from
Us, from our kids,
Noah to know you one day,
Depth to the deep places of your
Smile that touches me so deep,
I will do what I can to not let you
Not live just like everyone else—
Love is not safe,
Is not a vegetable,
Is not shiny on the outside
But essential when it peels
Back—I am not into that,
I can’t explain how it seems
Its edges just paint around me—
Shallow is the valley around me—
Deep cries, deep consumes,
Love and pain seem to never
Be separated

Real Desperate

Bags under these eyes

And bags by the door and a heart

That wants more, and always so sick of being tired

And so tired of being sick, and its really clear that nothing

Is clear and the unseen realm is in the helm of this mind and

I got wasted time mounted up upon the mounted sermon you spoke of

And the red letters slip inside these feathers of the brush of paint drops

You have now past me, from the flame of 06 it slips in and stays in like

A holiday inn I am childish and free and eating the spree you have laid

Before me, dear true love plays in repeat and clothes always spinning cause

I am always sinning, and it splits inside me now and oceans of gaps are between

Us Lord and desperation has been the new aspiration but lately its now sweating

In perspiration and I know not of the things that drift between us and the days of

That getaway Ocean of motion had between us, and Hamlet cries out on these pages

And life’s engagements now keep me pacing, and to many times I have had no words

To rhyme but I keep writing Lord cause you are so inviting, and what you’ve placed

Inside the man you’ve created me to be is not worth anymore more waste but haste

In made and I am not made at all, in fact I am poor now and broken before you, and

Anxiety well that left years ago because you now Lord take the place of all that

Worry but sweet desperation not to be alone in this world or forsook by you now

Sweats in these pores and the mores of the kingdom now add up and I feel always

Screwed up by eternal things and time now spent on nothing less then regret, so

Purify my hands Lord and my mind and all the time spent on me and I, and purge

Now a new surge of eternal things and dirt no longer sits in between us, rather I

Ask for the bags to go, for no more time on no sleep now sits between us, so

I ask you Lord: make me desperate for you, real desperate

Power Hungry

Credit or debit she said it and read it to me

Miranda rights in the sand, here I am to reprimend

And recommend that justice done to me keeps me

Up nightly, before me now the floor splits open and

Welcomes me in, professor always keeps me not lazy

And always studying, right verse wrong and how far gone

Along is God, separate from me now and anxiety takes over again

And the dvd’s been rented again, for only on repeat does my heart beat

Over the sins of the time and the sands of the future, washing mightily over

Me is a powerless life before me because all He wants is all of me,

To busy it seems that I have stopped all these dreams and fantasies

About future excasties of escape from modern life and all the work

In the output and everyone rejecting all this love I work so hard to

Give, and desperate now I do live to get this social status up now and

Bags packed to long now for a getaway because Christ is calling inside my

Chest to never settle like the rest and give all of I am to see a whole new

Teenage wasteland simply not walk like that in waste and wallowing rather

His name is Halowing inside me now and Holiness is hear right now, so

I do take this death you offer and plead to not be an end time scoffer and

Doubt the shifting of the ages and the sifting of these wages, for my bank is

On full alert because I know I must hit the dirt and get more poor then ever

Before and always and intently now you watch me always somehow with

Eyes all over you count it with me to progress and to step down and get

Poverty inside me now—for I ask you God in so specific order let me not

Suffer alone inside a world of hype and thrills and add Christian to foot the bill but

Let me not sit still and silent, let me walk in power defiant and shift something in

The world around me because purpose haunts me and power calls out to me

To live without impact that is suspect and keeps me up nightly because

I fear greatly that I am not getting separated but rather disappointed in the

Sound of you terrifies me daily because you love so greatly and cost is underrated

Always because suffering is extinct and poverty is far from me and the American

Dream will it also will burn to in the midst of you, so let me dream the dream of

You and contend for a renew and power within to stay alive and burning now

I must go and pray some more that I would be worthy Lord, because I cannot earn

It but I will try to deserve it

Downtown Again

Asia Minor equals I am thinking of the Apostles and their lives of impact.


Asia Minor trek coming my way, audience of one marching with

Sway, who am I anyway to have come all this way for a present

Invasion of powerlessness and lack? Weak, broken and without the

Tactics for it to mean something down by the sea, days of burning

Turned to earning with you in escalades of gold rims that I tried to

Present to you, the sea blue and all I had was given to you, Italian

Skin waiting to get me again, Asia minor the place of powerhouses

Go but this person in between the aisles of life and death waited

With my words always waiting in hesitation and words in speculation

What’s your name, what’s you station, what am I playing recently?

Revolving doors yesterday, downtown getaway and His voice so

Sweetly, departure recently from past ways have granted me to

Finally pass, out of the red sea into new misery, new pain calculating

My favorite tunes and my alibi being as high as the sky and its exits

Cutting away at them recently, for she stood by the curb that Orange

County night and earning it by the sea happened so easily and bent me

In all the wrong places with all the right faces made for its perfect

Expression, now I’ve been lingering with protection flags flaring up,

Can’t get dark brown hair out of my mind plus I was made to fix you

Anyway so I am counting the days when that happens anyway, but

No matter what I have to say I can’t change it anyway, what is done

In secret has been spilling over her loudly even now, for too many

Poems have been about the harm and danger of this stranger but

She knows who I am down by the Ocean in south Orange town,

We once knew each other now its faint and distant and with

Resistence that I bring up past matters, now it matters but with

The afterglow I move on now and tell her that time has come to

An end, they all need to be loved and that’s my greatest desire,

No matter the fire and the rain that falls and bends and breaks

Me in a million pieces, alone downtown just means more faces

To meet and greet and stay and seat it forever eternal, life ain’t

Really like these cloudy days of today but its about pressing in

When you don’t understand, so for that I stay west coast in my

Dreams and pray for what I might not mean.

The Power Of God

I feel like a powerless child with no arms and hands. I feel I have no ploy to reach the darkness around me. To pierce through it with something from heaven. I imagine myself setting people free with the words that come out of my mouth. But it feels like a make a wish foundation toss in the fountain.

I don’t say these things to render any false humility or sound like I have no clue what I am talking about. I am saying these things because the more I stare at the word and the promises of Jesus the more I see that it really takes giving Him everything to be able to “bear” “Handle” “embody” the power of God. We use words like “vessel of His glory.” Referring to committing ourselves to a lifestyle of what IHOP would call: prayer, fasting, deep and long meditation of the word and eating the scroll as Ezekial and John say. The scroll is bitter and sweet. It is the great and terrible Day of the Lord that we looking too. The culmination of darkness in a way we cannot imagine but a release of the potent Holy Spirit that will give us Revelation 12:10 “The power of our testimony through the blood of the lamb.”

I want to expand on this but to conclude. I leave you this ruckus. If it takes everything(strongly linked with the Sermon on the Mount lifestyle what will it take to reach a generation and set them free. Real freedom. Reel Isaiah 61:1-2.



I haven’t be posting much. No poems. No short blurbs about the daily grind. No anything creative or interesting for you to read. I have been soaking in the word and realizing that so many of my words are not a necessity in my life. I would like to later break down more themes regarding the power of our words.

For now, I will leave it at this. Our words, our speech and our conduct should fall in the boudaries of scripture. Meaning, the emphasis on speech in the word point us to a place where we understand the power behind our words.

I have been camping out in 1 Corithians 1 and 2 and meditating on the fact that God uses the foolish things in the world to keep us humble. And as Pauls says, “I came to you not with my lofty explanations of dogmatics but with the power of God.” In order to gain the power of God in our lives we must keep a guard on our tongues and be, as James says, slow to speak and quick to listen.

Understanding this principle has radically changed my life.

More to come on this and the fear of the Lord. I just started reading The Fear of the Lord by John Bevere. I am curious to see what his view is on it. I have heard  reviews.

Until then…I am keeping silent to gain the power of God…to deliver, to set free and to lead others to Christ.

And the updated headlined picture is my conversion into Orange Countyism. Beach shoes but with the 2 dollar dress socks at Wal-Mart. Priceless.