Tell you Something (Part 2)

Love is your commodity,

Finding your body,

A hobby,

Now time has left me,

It has gone by,

I have reasons why,

Why I can’t love

Even just better,

Or not at all?

I got jobs without love

And money is the root

Of me,

I am a sinking man

Without a plan,

How do I say no 

To you again,

And again,

Listless over making

Lists and I can’t get 

You to stay,

Love is my commodity,

Lusting you like a hobby,

Trying to get sober,

But just getting older,

I’ve loved the voices you


I just know your gonna

Break and that’s my


I am not the one for you,

I am just the right now

That you got going before

You get going,

I am trying to move along,

Grow and get a life that 

Last long and this thing

We have is not the 

Future I want anyway,



Time is the give away,

And that has been lost to.

Fragile World

Fragile world

I just wanted to love you a little bit more.

Year later and we are older,

Year later and we are colder,

Do you still think about me?

Is this pain just sitting here with

Nowhere to go, I sure don’t talk like they do,

Cause I lose a lot of time trying

To look like you,I am fragile and now, I see, These eyes aren’t meant for TV.

I am waiting for those meetings you Make me go to,

I am glad that days ago I saw your

Face and I kept on the coming back

To that familiar place.

Fragile world is the only one that I know

I got deadlines and I got fears I got time to dispense

I got love at your expense But now you won’t see me the same

Now I got to spend all my daysEditing your voice,

Choosing you was always the choice

I still have thoughts, You in a dress, You in yellow,

You next to that pillow

I used to live there to

Now, I am busy,

Now, I am on the air,

Now, I am electronic

And are you still following me?

Some days I sink, Other days I swim,

Some days I think,

Some days I win,

Are you the one in the center of This story, or are you another one

That has left, too.

Fragile worldI share that with you,

I know what you lost and

I can’t relate, I know what its

Like to slip and slide in your Own mind,

I used to dream of burying myself

Deep down, like death, like

Six feet under, its not my time yet,

And I know that now.

Fragile world,

Where’s the sword,

Cause I am still fighting,

Still, fighting for you.


On the social stream you seemed
Unseen, you said a man would suit
You, fit you but boys of this world
Have the toys of this world, have
Choice at their fingerprints, have
To grow up and check it—love is
What I need to make you see me,
Fear I don’t adhere and hear it
When you type it and type it
True, I miss you, I knew you then
Way back when flares hit the skies
Under purple plans and everything
That apprehends, a break from you,
A break from thoughts of you, now
Your shadow follows me and you

Increase, you decease, you repeat
These same thoughts in my head—
Tough I thought I had to be, that
Was my strategy—now you are
Gravity and gravity fails me—
Up with you I would want to
Stay—now I wait for my fear
To grow away and sway to love’s
Day by day—growth in that way
Is what I can do for you—be the
Someone you need, be the one
To succeed at thinking of you—
Unknown you remain but I
Can’t complain—off of me
Is where I want to be!

Full Of

God.Life.Love. Relationships. Connection. Eternity. And most of all, love.

Is there room for me,
Inside and around the things
That you do, the wonder of you,
The thoughts of closeness to you,
Where can I fit in, where can
I start to begin, infinite mercy
And infinite love is showered
Down upon me, like a rental,
Not in the mental, he came,
He was maybe to blame, the
Hits I took in secret became
Public and suspect to reject
The lovely things about myself,
And on the shelf my story lives,
My life it gives back to me,
For I alone know this memory,
To live, to die, to crossover,
To stand before Him with those
Eyes of flames and the name
Above all names—I am here,
I am infinite, I am full of greatness
I am wonderful, I am incredible,
I have not found yet someone
To share this with, I am alone
In the crowd and your voice
Is real loud, I dance, I entertain,
I proclaim that the world could
Satisfy but I try not to lie, I ache
Daily, I am restless, I am heartless
At times, I am resting on nothing
But those promises that await me,
Righteous choices to catch up
With me, but love to stay with me—
For I know now that all the good
In me will be seen and carry over
Into forever, accept me, don’t
Reject me, make me empty, so
I can be full of you—full of love,
And full of truth.

Things Of The Past(older poem)

Don’t know who this is about but I wrote it probably 2 years ago.

Thing Of The Past

Those blonde hair highlights keep me up at night
When the days that it seemed right sitting outside
The parlor waiting for a holler or a caller inside my
Pockets waiting for the phone to ring but to many years
Have past since that, Valentine’s day it seemed the double
Doors were open to get back to you but something else
Was bothering you, tell me truly that it wouldn’t be
Because I wasted those school days studying you
And paper in the trash of those entries and entrees
We shared a movie theatre for two no more, streets
Lonely now it seems, warmth not for some more months
And beach days they stay back there, princess I know that
I can’t get to the castle but with you I wanted the hassle and
The angst and the pranks pulled on me, cause the air in your
Hair was better, those blonde haired highlights they certainly
Have passed and time has moved on and that’s just what it is,
Something of yesterday but I hope now you live better cause
I’m loving not being bitter, so stay sweet sister


But now there’s a breach

And a reach in me to get back to you now

And a like a leach I am attached to what makes you bleed

And the oxygen is slipping now to my lungs and lunges of

Me are moving towards you now, for lately thoughts of you do

Reach me and breach me that to get to you would be oceans away

And a ways to go with waves to row and places to glow with much of

An afterglow to remember the days with you and that sun in the sky

Now I am wondering why it went so wrong and took so long to get a grip

And a limp now I walk with and paint it now as a new song, and to strong

Now is my song, so the breach between us and time between us is sewing

A new stream in me, so please let me back into your life so this phone

Vibration can occur without hesitation and suns can shine now with us

To a new you, with a  new view and beached and bleached be the way

You got breached inside of me now, so to many California days have passed

And you have out lasted that dark skin of yours and beat it within me to

Get better at loving you better


See love haunts me and greatly beckons me to respond

For despondency is now my responsibility and the restless

Hostility chases me now, all the right moves inside of her calls out to me

And always in speculation do I want some phone vibration and a change of the

Situation, for recently confusion bids me nightly and divides me up tightly and

Tosses me nightly in response to the things that change a man—the beautiful things

That call me out of selfish and sting me like jellfish, now I must request that you

Don’t dream about this—when you are up nightly thinking of who you have become

Trying to rewind the time and make amends with the past you on Ocean avenue,

The salt now has been rising and has been causing an uprising, desperately seeking

To be no longer alone is the way you call and answer the fall , and always welcoming

that nightly groan to take root give some blame to the way things have been, so

connection now takes a new route inside these thoughts of mine, and rewinds the

time and I react and redact a new dream with you, to live inside the sound machine

again and hear the words that matter most, so when you are up late think of me


I saw a girl who had holes in her jeans and was cute and prompted me to write this.

Holes in her jeans and holes in her pants

Holes in her heart probably, holes and empties all

Around surround her now and in and out of this place she

Roams and paces and hides now, holes inside of her need filling

And I need feeling that this is real, for to many nights have passed of

Alone at last and boxed in by not wanting some rejection and some infection

To a new resurrection, and she waits always with sunglasses on, covering up

The face on, inside of her now she bows now to a new wave of suffering, alone

Has plagued me cause I am a single me looking for acceptance and bags under

Her eyes have been bags by the door and leaving on the floor has left me asking

For more, like inside my psyche and like Nike I am doing it now, acting upon this

Feeling, making sure she is touching the ceiling no more in her dreams and acting

A fool and just a friend, always waiting by the door for someone to leave and

Gasping now for control, control of this empty feeling and like holes in her pants

I feel the ants trickling and my heart fickling over what station to change to

Clarity now is the austerity it takes to say something to you, and so she switches

Seats and changes these cleats on my feet, to much running from myself has

Left her now running from myself, and holes need filling and empty needs a new

Feeling, and so cracked out now on excitement now I feel the enticement and

The walls now come down because love has crept in, but can she really fill me

Or will I still feel empty and empty always, until someone for real sits inside of

Me and not just the brush of a crush  removing the weight inside me

Conditions Of Protection

Conditions for protection are enlisted like armies of the best days of me

For it happened to be you and me that never settled for the worst sides

Of each other, for on twitter its true that we aren’t together and your face

Has left this place and social networks do not find you associated with me

But now WiFi on this airplane has me still searching for you connection and

Listing your needs of protection inside of me, cause I think of you often and

You are always leaving town, with hats on your head and glasses on your

Face, you are really drifting from this place for the barbeque town is never

Around enough for you to settle down for you slip out of my grip and give

Me that sudden slip of a surprise and drafted later by my text messages of

Future delays and airport hot spots, for like leaving your car on your own

You seem to be much obliged to stay that way, so I am here now with a future

Me, one that is a better me with a list of conditions for your heart conditions

And a list of petitions inside the repetitions of your favorite things in suspension

You wait for me to change my highlights inside the highlights that don’t seem to

Exist and lifting weights I hate to earn some strength for you, but protection

Accompanies you because you have built some walls for me to pull down and

So comfortable being alone you have been, so please I ask you this: let me in

And let me fix your lonely condition by a paltry petition, let me ask in expectation

For you to not live in hesitation always waiting for some fixing, for that hat on

Your head is covering up your best hair and that sunglass you wear is hiding your

Eyes from staring at the real me with those tears that fill your eyes all the time

So please, let’s stop wasting time and be together


See here is what he said to her

Tired of debiting all his regretting

150 solid in his wallet, his heart like a pallet

open always to damages he needs to desperately see

she never seemed amazed or wowed but rather bored always

stiffened by the grip of love he tried to have around her neck so he

pleaded and begged and asked for not more bills from her or pomp and

frills for his future to be back on the pallet and open now not in his wallet

for they tossed and turned inside what really burned within—both so desperate

to not be accepted with some deep down inner beauty that she carried with He

and with me now it was never right for they stayed up all night staring at each

other asking if they were right for each other, now this airport has some separation

attached to it and waves of departure inside broken waves of weather and always

together is tested by wasted time and commitment to the conditions for protection

so now they persist as lovers and spend each other’s money, earning a love that

they cannot buy for I beg to ask why this is the case, why they have picked up the

pace but now the waves continue to do what they do best