Is balance the new demon to face?
That would try to erase this passion that has lived inside of me?
It feels to criminal to live less than thermal, to stay a broken heater
Without living water,
The tepid sea that lies ahead
Of me,
Front and temperature here am
I, the struggle has never not
Grown me, dug me, leaned into
Me, man wants justice without
Change, without a drastic
It’s words in red that follow me,
Magic has left,
It’s streaks bleed gray and black
And constant lack
Live around,
A healthy man is a safe
Man, whole is wholly
Full of yesterday’s failures,
Chemicals are broken but
The principles have spoken,
Balance is a deception that
Parades as wisdom,
Its safety that has killed us,
The mark of comfort,
It’s never normal to live
Less than thermal,
To stay at nominal,

Balance is to be confronted
As a front for health and
Wholeness, masked as safety
But nothing of greatness
Never has come without
Risk, with holding back,
Without fear of burn out,
A flame consumes,
A flame sustains,
It protects love
From looking like
Anything that is not Holy

Power Hungry

Credit or debit she said it and read it to me

Miranda rights in the sand, here I am to reprimend

And recommend that justice done to me keeps me

Up nightly, before me now the floor splits open and

Welcomes me in, professor always keeps me not lazy

And always studying, right verse wrong and how far gone

Along is God, separate from me now and anxiety takes over again

And the dvd’s been rented again, for only on repeat does my heart beat

Over the sins of the time and the sands of the future, washing mightily over

Me is a powerless life before me because all He wants is all of me,

To busy it seems that I have stopped all these dreams and fantasies

About future excasties of escape from modern life and all the work

In the output and everyone rejecting all this love I work so hard to

Give, and desperate now I do live to get this social status up now and

Bags packed to long now for a getaway because Christ is calling inside my

Chest to never settle like the rest and give all of I am to see a whole new

Teenage wasteland simply not walk like that in waste and wallowing rather

His name is Halowing inside me now and Holiness is hear right now, so

I do take this death you offer and plead to not be an end time scoffer and

Doubt the shifting of the ages and the sifting of these wages, for my bank is

On full alert because I know I must hit the dirt and get more poor then ever

Before and always and intently now you watch me always somehow with

Eyes all over you count it with me to progress and to step down and get

Poverty inside me now—for I ask you God in so specific order let me not

Suffer alone inside a world of hype and thrills and add Christian to foot the bill but

Let me not sit still and silent, let me walk in power defiant and shift something in

The world around me because purpose haunts me and power calls out to me

To live without impact that is suspect and keeps me up nightly because

I fear greatly that I am not getting separated but rather disappointed in the

Sound of you terrifies me daily because you love so greatly and cost is underrated

Always because suffering is extinct and poverty is far from me and the American

Dream will it also will burn to in the midst of you, so let me dream the dream of

You and contend for a renew and power within to stay alive and burning now

I must go and pray some more that I would be worthy Lord, because I cannot earn

It but I will try to deserve it



We must overcome

And not succumb

To body flirts

And dirt of

Dusts underneath

Fall leaves for


Leaves me

As eyes fade

To black

And I sit

Back and

Talk the talk

That this year

Will be better

Than the rest,

And what I have

To offer is pure

Weakness, Its

All I know in

The shortness

Of this life

No End

No End

No end to the healing lines

Blind eyes opened and

Spoken oppression



5,000 fans

Of winded revival

Fires, where will

This renewal go,

Where will this

Afterglow blow,

Where will all

The lines end,

Where will Heaven

Begin and the earth

End, it shall be both,

It shall be least severe

Means to save the boast

I Corinthians I shall

Lean, glean, and bend

To be clean, revival

Is not survival, its

Overcoming every

Shortcoming that

Seems to be in the way

Servant In Me

Servant In Me

Walking up the stairs

Sore lower back and

Trash in the distance

It represents the servant

In me that wants to

Not go back down

This crown on my

Head and this ipod

Ahead of me soaking

In servanthood in the

Mist of the morning

The cool of the day

For wood, stubble and

Hay will be burned on

That day all that will

Remain is my heart

To start the flame

To serving in His


I Reach Out

Keeping on track with the love of the Father there is the love of His word. When we love His word we are enriched with the truth. This gives is the vivacity to press past and through the flesh.

I have been pondering the verse in Psalms 119 that says, “I reach out for your commandments.” I have had the privilege of working for Trader Joes for the last year and a half(two weeks til KC) and I have observed over and over the copious amount of times that a little kid will start crying if left alone for just a few seconds. The father or mother assures their son or daughter that it will just take a second to pay. But these little ones still can cry. They are in dire need. I need of caring and love.

And that’s how I want to be before the Lord. Hungry for the dependence on Him over the independence of my own soul. I reach out O, Lord and I want everyone else that names the name of Christ to do the same. I want to be like that child crying to be held. Crying in dependence of His word.

The Power Of God

I feel like a powerless child with no arms and hands. I feel I have no ploy to reach the darkness around me. To pierce through it with something from heaven. I imagine myself setting people free with the words that come out of my mouth. But it feels like a make a wish foundation toss in the fountain.

I don’t say these things to render any false humility or sound like I have no clue what I am talking about. I am saying these things because the more I stare at the word and the promises of Jesus the more I see that it really takes giving Him everything to be able to “bear” “Handle” “embody” the power of God. We use words like “vessel of His glory.” Referring to committing ourselves to a lifestyle of what IHOP would call: prayer, fasting, deep and long meditation of the word and eating the scroll as Ezekial and John say. The scroll is bitter and sweet. It is the great and terrible Day of the Lord that we looking too. The culmination of darkness in a way we cannot imagine but a release of the potent Holy Spirit that will give us Revelation 12:10 “The power of our testimony through the blood of the lamb.”

I want to expand on this but to conclude. I leave you this ruckus. If it takes everything(strongly linked with the Sermon on the Mount lifestyle what will it take to reach a generation and set them free. Real freedom. Reel Isaiah 61:1-2.


Now’s The Time

At the end of track one in Day’s Of Noah Corey says, “now’s the time!” He is referring to the urgency of the hour. Another way of saying urgency is the “intense awareness” of what God is doing in the earth right now and what is to come. IHOP language takes urgency to be the reason why we pray. I agree. But to explain it better I would say that we need to pray that we would have the urgency to pray with perseverance.

It always takes God to make us do anything of Him. We cannot desire Godly things unless God comes and fans the flame of our heart. Now’s the time for us to get God and get Him now. I was looking at the calendar today at Easter Sunday. And I can’t help but think of the multitudes of people that come out of hiding all  year to make an appearance at a church service. God loves all these people and He desires that we would be at church.

But more than just attendance. More than just a cordial invitation. God wants our hearts, our lives, our everything. And now is the time to go deeper than just showing up on Sunday. I am so convicted right now that we do not have that much time. We need to have God now, today. And He will meet us. Cry out to him, ” Now is the time!” God, now is the time for you to show up!

After days and months of crying out to him we gain the urgency of the hour. And we pray with this great awareness of Godliness.

Get Out The Way

Lecrae boldly says in his rap: get out the way. Meaning one thing, get out-of-the-way and let God be God. I have found through the past few two years specifically that God has highlighted this area in my life and it has brought me to my knees. I am powerless apart from Him and what He wants is for me to die daily to what I feel is in the way; me. Me and us and mine and out issues dissolve when we find that Christ is the center of our existence.

When we let ourselves receive, not earn, but truly open our hearts to Him He breaks in in ways we cannot fathom. As Paul says, “No mind has seen, nor ear has heard what God has for those who love Him”

I long for the day when it will all go to wayside and we will see Him face to face. But until then we have the allotted time that He has given us to lay it all down.

So, what do we have to lose when we kill our issues with Calvary and enter into true sanctity and maturity,

The Foolishness Of Prayer, Pt. 2: Abiding In Him

To expound more on this topic I would like to briefly review what I said in my first post. To put to formula(as much as a religious spirit can cause us to systematically approach God but at the same time there is a formula that is simple.

Quick Review: Through prayer we encounter the knowledge of God. Knowledge equals experience. Experience builds our house on the rock, as Jesus told us in the Sermon on the Mount. It is paramount for us to understand that Jesus desires for us to have a solid foundation. The parable of the seeds of the word in our heart also help us understand that the world can be heard but not take root. Prayer helps the word take root and produce fruit.

John’s perspective: In the Gospels we have the differentiated views of the ministry of Christ. The main theme in John is Son Of God/Son Of Man, or better said, God is fully man and fully God. John clearly shows us the dynamic element of the Trinity. preparation for his death will bring the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit shall be the guiding force in which we continue our intimacy with Christ.And Christ only does what His father tells Him. Perfect obedience. A call for us to live that vivacious unfaltering trust.

Also, Jesus tells us who we are and what is our inheritance in Him. John 14-17 Jesus repeats Himself telling us that if we abide in Him He will give us what we want. But what we want comes from deep fellowship with God. God is not a salesman selling us items of our convenience.

That is not  the focus. He tells us that through experience of Him we will desire the Kingdom(Math. 6:33).

Conclusion: We abide. We are little children on the monkey bars trusting that He is watching us ready to pick us up when we hit the gravel. We lean on Him because as Peter said with all the gall he had in Him, where else where we go, He has the words of eternal life .