She said it in red, the shirt worn on was forever 21 instead,

She said it loud for all the eaters to hear, wearing her favorite clothes

Was the best her toes could grip in a foot in the right direction, best friends

In my section, sunsets chasing instead, now all I got is regret from past days of not

Loving you the way you were anyway, birthdays come and go, loved ones always pressing

And testing the loving inside of me cause recently I have had a problem with dying for it

Hasn’t happened that often and I’ve glistened and listened to the wrong voices of self and

Introspection, wasting away it seems in a haze as a young adolescent when the world is

Vibrant ready for me to conquer, delayed infantility has brought some hostility, now I can

Silly see what’s gotten into me, been planning to be apart of greatness just been having a hard time

Getting out of bed and thoughts in my head say instead I should be changing it all now and going

Out with a bang, but thoughts still hang, she wore her favorite for her favorite people, she thought and

Regarded the best intentions for the best friends, love is waiting, will I participate, who will I dress the best

For, for I believe its rent on the floor of despair and suffering, for love has been asking: what have you done for

Me recently?

Your Adoption

Between Aisles, Protection, Belly Of Responsibility and Waves Of Control are all about the same few people in the Orange County days. When I lived in Orange County and worked at Trader Joes. I think you know who you are.

With you there was always a sense of adoption,

Shifted from foster care you ate the soup and inhaled

The drug that you were always alone, here it moans inside

Me again, I keep accepting your rejection as an invitation,

Painful realization you never wanted my name around those

Fancy parties in Orange County affairs, you never wanted me there

With you, afraid of my God talk, but when the chatter subsided you

Opened up again, your own adoption bloodline came out and you

Accepted who I was, and east coast ways they hit my west coast dreams

And so it seemed we became a new team, your broken ways limped

And winked at me, to see you helpless and close to homeless, I accepted

The flight we took to fly together, I had always wanted perfect weather

Anyway, it drifted as months passed you still went your own way abusing

Yourself with those guys that didn’t like you anyway, but when the sun went

Away there I was to stay, dilated you became, my facial expression lost its

Training for sad faces, then came the uproar inside the adoption reached out

To you, waves of control came to enthrall me once again, you gave up your baby,

You gave up life inside, you easily said good-bye, now my weapon went out,

Your protection became suspicion, safety in me is what you wanted, I would

Have treated you better now knowing your fall, pick me up again, be with me

Again, then I started inspecting my own saving ways, for you to stay would have

Been the worst between us, for the west coast was for dreaming the rest of the

World for living, and you settled it plainly you didn’t want your dreams to get in the

Way, it all became a bust, you and us, it became a lie and casualties lied down in

Front of me, I am not what you need love will make you succeed in these waves

Of control I am sending your way, so come with me again, learn how to love