Upon My Head

Its been a sweet, sweet summer. One that I will never forget. A summer filled with the American Dream. Since living in California I have often reflected on a few attributes that seem to define this state that feels like its own country.

The gold rush in the 1800’s was a time of flourishing. Lucrative to say the least it paved the way for the ambition of men and women to search for “a better life.” It was the Clark and Lewis expedition to escape from a life that doesn’t satisfy and earn more money. And this resulting in contentment and the fulfillment of our own declaration of independence…”life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

I want my life to succeed, I want a life full of pleasure and success that will never let me down. This seems to be the mindset of humans and certaintly the aspiration of many that have filled up California but like oil in water many have sunk to the bottom. The Mayflower has crashed for many.

 My ruckus: as belivers in Christ what is our response to the American Dream? What is our attitude in a world that is full of ambition and the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life; as John says.

Upon my head I want the blessed crown of life given to all who persevere through a life of trials and a life fully dependent upon Christ. It is okay to want to suceed, to want money and to want to feel that you are doing something important and meaningful offering it to the world around you.

But without Christ the pursuit of the American Dream is fool’s gold to those digging for success like the pioneers of the Gold Rush.

This has been my sweet, sweet summer. I don’t want to settle for anything the world has to offer, I want to aspire to all the Christ has to offer.