Movie Review: The Guardians Of The Galaxy(2014)

If you have been following this blog at all this summer you know that I have reviewed everything that I have seen in theaters with the exception of Zack Braff’s Wish I Was Here that I will do soon. Wish I Was Here was by far the best movie I have seen in a long time and top five best of this summer. BUT..and a really big BUT..Guardians steals the show for a multitude of reasons. No, I have not read the comic but at this point in loving the whole entire Marvel universe it probably would be a good idea. Real fans of any story love the book and hold all the details of the characters in close scrutiny. The reason most people are disappointed with the movie version of a book or comic is usually because of the effort and the time you invest in the book..point is..its never the same.

BUT, this movie does not need the comic book background. Not that it is not important but this film pulls off everything you love about the comic and the characters


Director: James Gunn

Writers: James Gunn and Nicole Perlman

Stars: Chris Pratt, David Bautista, Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper, Lee Pace, Josh Brolin, and Vin Diesel as Groot

Plot Overview: Guardians flashes back to the capture of Peter Quill as a little kid in 1988 losing his mother and planning to live with his grandparents. He then gets taken up into the spaceship. Here we find him as an adult going through the Galaxy as Starlord. Ronan and Thanos are the evil Lords of the galaxies(I am sure the comic has more about that). Quill realizes the orb he has stolen to make some extra cash could potentially destroy the present universe he lives in. In all attempting to make better lives for themselves the Guardians all end up in a space prison together where Rocket the brilliant misfit of a fox helps get the crew out. Drax, who is huge and full of revenge toward Ronan, Groot, Gamora, Rocket and Quill form the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Full of non-stop humor, snappy one-liners, brilliant looking special affects and much action worthy fighting sequences lead me to put Guardians at the top of the list for Marvel’s Avengers. And knowing that after Winter Soldier and Guardians all is building up toward a much exciting Avengers 2.

In the end the Guardians get their crimes erased for saving the world and go on to redeem their “loser like” lives  by trying to do some good.

Very hilarious moments and lines:

Besides an awesome soundtrack there were many hilarious moments that( in the history of me seeing films in the theater) haven’t had to many laugh out loud moments.

Peter’s reference to Kevin Bacon in Footloose was pretty awesome.

Rocket trying to steal a guys fake leg and a dude’s eye is priceless and totally messed up.

Drax not paying attention to the plan was actually very well crafted.

Peter’s awe inspiring line: “life takes more than it gives, but today it is giving us something..a chance to give a crap!” Actually makes me believe that Chris Pratt can do both funny and serious and not to mention getting totally ripped for the role.

Gamora saying, “I have lived most of my life surrounded by my would be an honor to die with my friends!”

When Peter does the dance off for Ronan to “ooh child things are gonna get easier” and Ronan says, “what are you doing?” Peter says, “I am distracting you, you terd blossom!” One of the best moments of the film.

When Peter asks the Nova headquarters for help and relays the message he says, “We believe we are total butheads but not one hundred percent..( a word not worth, ahh..repeating) but you just had to be there for that line.

When Drax ask if he could rip a guy’s spine out if he gets mad at that person..Rhomann says that would be murder..the worst crime of all!..priceless.

In conclusion, good can come from the most unlikely of sources. Heroes have the choice to do good or bad and through bad and through being deemed “unlikely” or even called a “loser”. That is what we love and that speaks louder to average people who can feel very bored and not very awesome. So, see it and laugh and buy the soundtrack.


Everything About Summer

In seven years of blogging I think I have come to the conclusion that you really just have to post things more than you actually try to mention what you want to talk about. Like many things in life there comes a time to mature and grow up and start following through with intentions, not just simply intending to do things. I was born an extrovert and born loud and born energetic. Time has made me grow up but one thing hasn’t really changed that much and that would be the talking.

Many times( and close friends really know this) I do say simply what just comes to mind. In 2004 in my internship at IHOP-KC I devoured the bible and I especially felt the book of James speaking to me. I read it over and over and over and tore through the Everyman’s commentary on it(still have it 10 years later). Speech and restraint are very much connected to the issues of holiness and righteousness that we pursue. So instead of just mincing words with goals and aspirations, rather I am just gonna stick to writing it.

I have intentionally not been blogging for the sake of collecting my own thoughts and conflicts within myself before starting to try to say many things. Summer has always been a season to look forward to. I don’t think I have ever had a disappointing summer. Disappointing midnight movie premieres( and mostly its during the summer). I think of summer 2009 where pretty much everything let me down in the theaters. But really I am almost actually ready for summer to end because what has been gnawing at me has been the “summer mindset” and the vacation mode that I believe I get into and we get into in America.


I realize that now that I live in Pomona and live in the greater Los Angeles area that something are a little more specific to L.A. I agree when others says, “so goes California, so goes the rest of the world.”Yeah, thanks Elijah List for all those “cali is gonna sink into the ocean if we don’t repent..” I have to say that tongue and cheek but in all scrutiny of where I live..I am…(many pauses) in the center of culture. Hollywood is down the street. Movies are the world’s most powerful medium as well as music. And this state is where it is coming from. But summer lends itself to waste, to distrust, to lazy and to all sorts of things that should bother the Christian.

It can no longer be everything summer all the time in my walk with God. What I seek to expose( and really first in myself) are those gaps in us. Maybe you have heard the same message and the same call and the same exhortation to go hard after God. I realize a lot of people haven’t heard really anything Gospel related. But most of us have some form of “go after God” talk running in our head. We are called to respond. First and foremost we hear, but the spirit of summer says to leave that at the door and to forsake it and disconnect for the next season of life. I think what is happening in our generation is this very spirit that hovers over our lives and can(without confronting it) actually last for years and months and not just for the summer.

What I am calling myself to and you to is to war on summer. As it is coming to an end its spirit of relax stays with us. I am not saying to take everything so seriously that you forsake socializing or the beach or going to Disneyland. Those are all good things and we should participate and find God in those. This is more that long-term thing that can eat away at us. I was watching Iron Man and didn’t realize how much I love the first one(still probably the best out of the three and third in the totality of the Avenger movies) but Yinsen(the man that saves Tony Stark) dies and before he fades he says to Tony, “Don’t waste it, don’t waste your life!”

Waste and empty space is the new battle. We cannot just settle for good when God has the best. In seeking relationships with men, women can often just settle for a good guy that loves God and tithes. Well, actually( and I know its harder for women in the church) that is not good enough. Nice and tithing is not the same thing as fully committed and fully going so hard after God that “all is rubbish.” The person you are seeking should be in the “rubbish” part of their walks where they are working through these eternal perspectives.

Summer is coming to an end and the future will become more apart of the present but I cannot be apart of the crowd or conform to settling down. Until the sky splits I have to be obsessed with standing before God and those two eyes of flame of fire being the only eyes I want to see. For all of us it is going to cost something. Find out what the summer spirit is for you and prepare to change all for the sake of love.


Movie Review: Godzilla(2014)

Summer is here. School just ended on the superstition of Friday the 13th. This review( as well as X-Men too) are three weeks old. I saw Godzilla on memorial day. And because of the emptiness of the movie theater it toned down the infamous creature called Godzilla but the empty theater did not equate to the feeling of..’I just wasted the last two hours on this..’


This picture above was the most intriguing when the trailer for Godzilla was released the scene of the general speaking to the troops before they make the dive.

Director: Gareth Edwards

Writers: Max Borenstein and Dave Callaham

Stars: Elizabeth Olson, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Bryan Cranston and Ken Watanabe.



In 1999 the Janjira nuclear power plant explodes. Joe Brody loses his wife Sandra to the accident. Now 15 years later he searches for the truth behind the incident. Ford Brody(Joe’s son) returns home after his father gets arrested. This leads them to discover what really caused the plant’s explosion. As well as, Dr. Ichiro Serizawa searching for answers to. Godzilla comes to the surface and not completely underwater( like in the past) but rather emerging as not so much an enemy and rebel looking to hatch his eggs in a sport’s arena(the Mathew Broderick version). But also the MUTO( these alien flying like creatures) appear as well. There is some sort of transfer of egg like substance sitting in the belly of Godzilla. I honestly can’t remember( like some other movies I have seen recently) what happens to Godzilla. Most of us have to believe that even if it looks like Godzilla dies that it most likely won’t be a final death. And I am sure they will make a sequel to this new reboot, so he has to live on.

Meaning and reflection:

The Leviathan like creature is really more of a reflection of man verse nature. There is this underlying message just like in Planet of the Apes of humans not being able to control and master science. And when man messes with nature to much it turns on us. The inevitable enemy of humanity is something that man cannot control. Keeping in mind that this originated in Japan years ago is it possible that Godzilla represents the capitalism of the west blowing up most of Japan in response to Pearl Harbor during World War 2. I don’t know but at least in this version of Godzilla its more about understanding the tension between nature and man. In the end and at the end of the day all that matters is that humanity prevails and that humanity lives on in the process of opposition. Any kind of resistance that comes our way we will find a way to win. Not just as Americans but as people. Blue fire is still fire, but that made it much cooler for some reason.

“The Arrogance of man is thinking they are in control of nature and not the other way around..” somebody said this in the film–


City Life

Now that it smells like summer can we really be together

Sunglass eyes fill my skies because to many times I really cry and

For you to see these tears it quenches these fears but hesitation tips the

Reservation in your eyes and begs me to ask why, for the sprinklers now

Are in my hands and release the commands to water this grass but I still

Sit and ask can we start to stop being just this and make it more then what it

Is, I know you look so pretty out there in New York City, but the rows and waves

Between us now in the darkest of spring days, leaves me now in a haze, I just want

To give back to you now in all your ways of tilting towards me and always adoring

Me, all those dresses you have sifted have shifted my attention because you are

Worth the mention of my affection and now I can’t stand still now watching

You live the city life alone, urban life is too hard for you now because you have

Lost it somehow, and the pain of the rain that has fallen behind has brought some

Rust along the path, and all this junk food junkie life has its consequences because

These sweets I am eating remind me of your sweetness and princess days you

Played to my kinship days, so act on stage and play the sage cause girl its better

When we’re together, so make it back soon because I can’t live poor forever,

Searching for a name, it has cost something, but don’t let it cost me another

Sweet, sweet summer

Smells Like Summer

Smells Like Summer

A plain morning to accompany
The temperature in the air,
It smells like summer, the
Dusk perpendicular to the
Moon shining with all might
Glistening the open sea,
Standing at the shore
Searching like a carnivore
Scraping meat until bone
And marrow until raw
Truth is exposed,
Flipping a coin hoping
This summer wouldn’t
Be like the rest, set apart
To be the best like the last
Day of school heart attack,
Order is out of whack,
Slip n’ slide in tack and
Whatever Jack you want
To call, some say whiskey,
Other just fall—more in love,
Soaring above are the dreams
Of summer, waiting for the
Phone to ring, hoping the
Right people would echo
The string I’m dangling thin,
Resisting the urge to give in
To impatience as if the summer
Was in my hands, the sprinklers
On at my commands, the humidity
At my gratuity, the bugs and their
Annoying ability, the car clubs and
Their engine trophy senority,
Bringing my el camino, unashamed
To rub shoulders with the albino,
For summer isn’t about basement
Hideouts and sun spas, seeking
Tranquility for schools out
Forever, we should never say
Never, inhaling the mist of
Morning dew, watching fog
Slowly rise like yeast in bread,
Summer is about reviving the dead,
And speeding ahead with new
Cars, our weapons for going
Very far, the punks and their
Hostility but above all,
There is humility and the car
Robberies, to leave this town,
This plastered county, to escape,
To sound off to L.A., to start a
New day, for the smog is thicker
There, but it’s the smell of summer
That I am after, all its vivacity,
All its simplicity, picnic pack
Its on hills of emerald rolling,
And lastly remembering that
Through this pursuit of ditching
The clean cut suit is the chill
Of a thousand knives stabbing
My back as I bask in the ocean
As I return in forward motion
To the thing I am most afraid
Of, maybe loosing the summer,
Falling into slumber, for now,
I just breathe in and I hope it
won’t be forgotten.

Adolessons, Part 2

Adolessons, Part 2


The endless Uncle Juney

Summer, the so long sweet

Slumber, wake me up in

November, when I’ll be

Just a tad bit older,

Smarter, wiser


Savor the words

For December.

Burn the candle

Ember, save our

Time together for

Stormy weather.

When all five of

Us could drive

The magic Saab

Around this town,

Take off into the air

With nothing to fear,

Like Adrian Grenier’s

Entourage we seemed

To large to fit into

Our own garage,

Hasting to throw

Away garbage

Unprepared, year 17,

Maybe 18 is too old

To imagine and than

Mcdonald’s came,

Did it make us better men?

Did Ruckus nights, our weapon?

The unceasing destruction,

The vagabond reaping to

Succeed, to impede our future

We were thinner when

We didn’t eat big city

Burrito dinner.


Spiderman charades

And camera fades

To black proceeding

Our reading of our lives

For our world, audience,

Pay some patience,

We grew up too fast,

Our infinite adolescence,

We knew it wouldn’t last



You smoked me with your

Cigar smoke that night it

Was too thick not to chock

The life out of us, how

Silly to make it a car wash

After disaster cover up,

Febreeze make-up,

Got to man up, tell the

Truth, Adolessons taught

Us not to lie,

To continue to pry and

Breathe in the dry

Colorado air, inhale

Without despair,

In was the hair on

Our head you counted,

Our bones disjointed

You put back together,

November older, December

Stormy weather, but through

It all we all stayed together.

And eternity forever,

Did Wednesday night

Teach us right, kept us

Tight and close knit.