I Reach Out

Keeping on track with the love of the Father there is the love of His word. When we love His word we are enriched with the truth. This gives is the vivacity to press past and through the flesh.

I have been pondering the verse in Psalms 119 that says, “I reach out for your commandments.” I have had the privilege of working for Trader Joes for the last year and a half(two weeks til KC) and I have observed over and over the copious amount of times that a little kid will start crying if left alone for just a few seconds. The father or mother assures their son or daughter that it will just take a second to pay. But these little ones still can cry. They are in dire need. I need of caring and love.

And that’s how I want to be before the Lord. Hungry for the dependence on Him over the independence of my own soul. I reach out O, Lord and I want everyone else that names the name of Christ to do the same. I want to be like that child crying to be held. Crying in dependence of His word.

Why The Word

The fundamentals of the Christian walk, or rather, the following of Christ and His leadership; lead us to the word. Meaning, without a grasp on the words written in the Holy book we have no strength on the inside, no oil in our lamps, no weapons of warfare. All in all we have nothing if we don’t have the word flowing inside of us. Love is obviously the most pertinent part of our faith. However, the shaping and forging of love in our lives comes from a direct revelation and understanding of who God is in the word.

He is always leading us and awakening  hunger for more of His word. I compare it to a child confounded to the boundaries of the playground. A parent like a watchmen, paying close attention to their kid sliding head first down the slide, or audaciously risking getting hurt but smiling the whole time. Lets say that all of sudden the parent of this kid abruptly demands maturity and tells the kid to knock it off and grow up. The kid would most likely be flabbergasted at this request and demand to stay in the comforted place of the playground.

God is not the angry parent but He is wanting to lead us out of childish ways. He longs to mature us in Him, grow us up in Love. We, weak believers with sincerity, want to stay confounded to the playground. We want to(most of the time) just dabble in tepid waters and like the parable of the sower let the seed fall of rocky turf.

God wants us in His word and skilled in righteousness. He desires to feed us “meat” as Paul says. But most of us are stuck in the playground and still learning the basics . This is okay and God is gracious, but there is more that God is offering. 

The Ruckus: We must ask for more of His word. We must ask for the grace to step outside of the playground and “grow up” in the sense that love and putting away childish ways coincide.

Why the Word:

Its is our weapon against darkness. It is our weapon against lusts of the flesh.

It is the stability of our souls. It leads us to God.

And when we are led to God, we gain a growing understanding of who He is. And the knowledge of God leads us on the path of life; leading us to Him always.

More to come on this subject….

Read Ps. 119. Ask for hunger to arise in your heart.