Movie Review: Edge Of Tomorrow(2014)

Officially this would only be my second movie review for the years of 2014. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit was my last rodeo( in movie streak terms). I really have set aside a lot of time in the past 6 months to not watching many movies as to better focus on writing and studying and college classes.

However, I have taken some time away from that focus to see what is out there. As my last post began delving back into time as to the best of the best movie theater experiences have been..this one was, however, maybe on that list. Summer blockbusters as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas really are Hollywood’s A-list set of films and the best of the best. School’s out..hopefully forever! And all is welcome to the black screen, freezing air conditioning and the many demands that we make for our 20 dollars and two hours.

Edge Of Tomorrow Official Synopsis And Review


Stars: Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton and Noah Taylor

Director: Doug Liman

Writer(s):Christopher McQuarrie, Jez Butterworth, John-Henry Butterworth. Based on the novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka

Plot/Overview: Set in what seems to be the relative future( implied by the robotic war machine suits of armor) major William Cage(Tom Cruise) is recruited and sent to the front lines of Europe to engage an alien enemy. The conflict in him is that he does not fight, but reluctantly and ordered to he must fight. Cage shows up very scared and unable to fight. Moments into getting dropped from the airplane into the fight Cage is killed(he did ask the guy next to him about the safety on the gun). Cage does not die, rather he enters some kind of time/space continuum( I knew that Stephen Hawking guy was onto something). Instead of dying he has to relive the same day. As each day into battle occurs Cage develops a keener sense of how to defeat the alien armies. He also meets Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), a special forces warrior, who figures out that he is dying and coming back to life. After a few times of meeting she says, “Come find me when you wake up?”


And, as Cage and Vrataski take the fight to the aliens, each repeated encounter gets them one step closer to defeating the enemy. Cage discovers that the same ‘live, die, repeat’ effect happened to her but she lost the ability. With the help of Dr. Carter(Noah Taylor) they are able to defeat the aliens.

I just fast forwarded it a bit…you get the picture..they fight tip they win( go America-assuming that that is who Cage is fighting for, even though they were attacking France–clearly, not referring to present day relations with France)

After Thoughts/key messages and lines

I am still figuring out the format for my movie reviews. I think its just like anything in breaking down movies/stories and music..just lets get to the ‘what does this mean part?’

Honestly, all of my closest friends and family will know how deep of a thinker I can be. Obviously the poetry is no surprise but I even get surprised by my emotional compass of the things that really strike me. This movie is not that deep, however, anytime we talk about war and show war that does do something to people. There were stories when Saving Private Ryan came out of real war veterans that were in Normandy and could not bear to stay in the movie theater because it was that accurate. Hollywood is its own Sociology book. It takes its views of the world and shoves it in your face sometimes as to what it ought to be like. War is an opinion sometimes, but a gross reality for all of humanity. Cage represents the fearful and cowardice of a man that does not want to fight. Its as if his name got picked in the draft and he did all he could to deny it. But the key line in it all is when Rita says, “You have to die everyday.” Cage does not want to face his reality. Our human weakness wants to run and hide but life is a war, it is a daily battle. The Apostle Paul said it 2,000 years ago, “I die daily!”

Nobody wants war but we face it and those who choose to fight will be remembered forever. Hollywood wants to know what the end of the world will be like and like most stories humans will prevail and humans will survive. The alien Mimics are not the real enemy, the real enemy is facing death and overcoming it.

Lastly, when Cage says, “I live this day I don’t know what is gonna happen!” That is also the reality. We don’t always get a second chance, so we need to face the conflicts at hand and face them today.

Rotten Tomatoes gave this a great review at 89 %, but it fell last place in money making for its opening movie and losing out to the ‘Fault In Our Stars’ film. It goes to show that Tom Cruise still delivers, even as he is aging but that doesn’t always translate over into the success that the producers and studios want. People want sequels and the stats show that they gross the most money.

Shall we anticipate:  Transformers 4, Superman 2, Star Wars, episode 7, 22 Jump Street, Avengers 2, and Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes..some to come this summer and some next.

I have many, many more reviews and blog thoughts to come on films. Its been a journey, so stick with me not on just the summer and the past 6 months but on what is to come of what we crave and love in characters and television.

As be continued..


Sequel Mania

I feel obliged to pass on movie knowledge. This break from school has been a festival of movie knowledge and endless clicks on IMDB, so might as well pass on the upcoming sequels.

Gi-Joe 2: Retaliation hits the big screen this summer and looks like it will work out nicely. Expendables 2, yes, how lame yet hard to not watch is in status filming now. Die Hard 5, called Its A Good Day To Die Hard follows Bruce Willis and his son in Russia which maybe will involve Dolph Lundgren.

Yes, Fast And Furious 6 aiming for 2013 with writer Chris Morgan having penned the last 3 of these we have seen and rumored Jason Statham for this one, which could make it rule.

Bruce Almighty 2, yes, maybe. My favorite upcoming superhero sequels and trilogies: The Dark Knight Rises looks amazing and Man Of Steel could be good directed by that Zac Snyder guy. Iron Man 3 with new writer and director Shane Black. Thor 2 set to start filming this summer and the Avengers movie set for the big screen may 2012.

I really have no clue how The Amazing Spider-Man will turn out but I used to worship Spidey as a kid, so I still will see it.

Men In Black 3 is done and comes this summer. Jurassic Park 4 in talks and seems to be making some progress. A rumored Sam Neil and Jeff Goldblum maybe reprising their 1993 roles.

Terminator 5, seriously! Just don’t let McG direct it; he’s kind of lame.And Ghost Rider 2 trailer was shown when I saw MI4, o my gosh, please blacklist Nic Cage somehow.

But Mission Impossible 5 is not a fairy tale and will most likely happen as well as Top Gun 2, yes, I said that, with Tony Scott directing and Jerry Bruckheimer producing and Tom Cruise as Maverick. Well, its only been 26 years, the exact length of my life span, thus far.

The 23rd Bond film, called Skyfall is in works and aiming for this year. Bourne Legacy without Matt Damon is coming out this year, so that should be interesting. I do like Jeremy Renner, but without Damon its hard to imagine where this one will go.

All in all what I look forward to the most are more original screenplays and scripts. Most of these sequels don’t seem to offer to much, although they will all be fine most likely, but I want more original stories.

Also Taken 2, which sounds nothing but tight.

For more: imdb, always good and features nothing but trailers and movie info.