Turpentine Day

Sitting on the shoreline

Feeling the turpentine

Layers of me shave away

As the ocean doesn’t stay

Stillness and meekness drain

Me in, for poverty is my

Storage bin, shoreline time

Reaches out to me, turpentine

Peels all of me, deep down

Connection cries out, wisdom

Builds upon my foolishness

Wasted space takes up much

Space, I move away from the

Shoreline, I shift my feet in the

Sand I firmly now take a stand

Give me counsel, give me wisdom,

Give me a life that can’t be shaken

For the turpentine day is soon

Coming the sky will peel back

And standing won’t lack

Before His face we will peel

Back and answer for the life

We’ve built either on the sand

Or from His right hand