Weakness Talks

For by the Sea I seem to be

But that is where you call me, out of a place

Of austerity and to a place of clarity cause lately I’ve been

Lacking the stability to carry this cross down this  road, I’ve been

Lacking the qualities that you require of me to go down this road

And weakness always comes to me in waves of surrender and the ender

Save us all effect where I live in those past waves of doing it on my own

But Lord I am always spinning the laundry because of the sundry of options

Before me, its always spinning because I am always sinning and biting in the

Wrong garden, Lord today is new because of you and a new purview is strapped

To my premonition that to love with you has to have no selfish ambition but

An unqualified life attached to it, for to many times this everlasting grey floor

Has enthralled me all the more to greater explore you all the more and ask

Always of prayer that takes decades to measure for the success of this life is

Wrapped up in simply not being wrapped up at all in my fall and the weaknesses

That surround and rebound me time and time again, yes she always does ask me

Of future days of together and on twitter I will express this that the weather is

Soon changing with warmth in the seasons but surely still His voice is calling

And I am still falling out of touch and always very messed up but poverty is the

Best way to win because its not a sin rather a greater then and a in to the kingdom

You call weakness, for poverty is calling out to me along with the company of death

In me and Lord I am here to surrender again because I have to many reasons to quit

And give up on Jared but me is what you started with and me is what you will finish

With for goofy idiosyncrasies is the symphony you require to play the best strings

Inside of me and I am sure my playlist needs changing of new song to play for you

Again so switch the priorities in me to lay down the weakness inside of me, death

Do us part not only for the future her but right now for you today



We must overcome

And not succumb

To body flirts

And dirt of

Dusts underneath

Fall leaves for


Leaves me

As eyes fade

To black

And I sit

Back and

Talk the talk

That this year

Will be better

Than the rest,

And what I have

To offer is pure

Weakness, Its

All I know in

The shortness

Of this life

Never Pull The String

Never Pull The String


Is this the playground that you

And I will dance around. I keep

Walking by sand castles dug deep,

I keep seeing islands from the shore

Wondering if leaving to explore

Would be the best way to getaway

God, do you understand that we

All want to dodge the bullet and

Runaway, trains, planes and

Automobiles, hapless sadness

We want to ride the bus and never

Pull the string, stopping to

Bring more passengers into

The strain of filtering through

Satisfaction reaction and fractions,

We easily dismiss your holy

Request to just be us,

Our sin has us caught in

The resilient bin that stores

It all in and explosion a future

Thought but a pervaded wrought

The hammer nails and if we

Could only win and conquer

Our besetting sin that running

Would no longer be an option,

Facing you would be our

Destination but like lost

Carts in the parking lot

You call us to gather what’s

Been scattered, when we were

Too big for shoots and ladders,

It was then we were pure and

Clean and unhindered to sit

By the fireplace and hear the

Crackling of wood and the

Miracle of water into wine,

It was that table I chose to

Dine, to pay more than

A dime, to exchange before

Life would run me out of

Time, I sit to bend under

Your word, to fight with

The disturbance that will

Penetrate my heart while

I try to sleep, will keep me

Asking for light in the dark,

And in the dark quiet place

Broken bones will be replaced

With wholeness, break room

Breakdowns will someday

Get fixed by hearing that

God is the father to the

Fatherless, and we can’t

Keep running when the pain

Pills run out and we see what

Its all about: leaning into Him,

When we don’t understand,

When our flesh seems overtaken,

It is weak, then strong, then

Together the joints connect

The bones that get us along


At 1 o clock in the morning

He can fix you, in the latest

Hours of the night he can give

You dreams, hold so tight,

Not letting go He will find

A way to grow you in the

The right redemption,

Clean you like a fresh

White napkin at the

Dinner table.


This is fresh and true

This is for me and you.

And you is never ending

I am. And Here I am also.