The Crash Of March

Who would’ve ever thought work would make some Ruckus. Here’s my perspective. And some pictures soon to come.

This took place on March 13th at Trader Joes.

The Crash Of March


For ordinary days to expect delays we are not

Featured for prays prayed, rather our group is

Peculiar in form and expression like comparing

Animals at the zoo, each of us has our cage, our

Fits of rage, our act on stage, our thrust to

Grow, battle with age and grays. Here is the

Indelible truth branded on our vision and told

In revision like aspiring writers writing responding

To the simple question: why is there a hole in the wall

And where is my wine?


The Crash of March has changed our vision,

Our perception, has rattled our cage, bent its

Bars, struck the chords of rage, altered backdrop

Displays to our stage and a slight increase in age


It began as just another simple

Day of delegated positions, all of us humbly

Not shirking our duty to fulfill obligations, everyone

Anticipated an early exodus, an extra smoke from

The cigarette, did we hypnotize ourselves to

Let our store walls break us, invade us, impede on

Our invincible lives?


This town, its glory and its vanity like the

Shows you watch that invade the endless

Tragedy of richness and maybe not everyone

Is a millionaire here, but in splitting wheat

From tare, I see a resilient society that has

Earned there retirement and down payment

On the endless waves that invade

Never ending ocean down the hill,

O, what a thrill for the storm to

Come, to wake us

Up from deep slumbering, not knowing

That one offset white truck could miss

A tree, geyser at Wells Fargo

Smack into our winery cargo,

Change our pattern, our limbo,

Crash like a kamikaze bomb,

Combust the empty space full

Of the wine that is so entwined

In high society, rushing like blood

Down his adolescent face we no

Longer had comfortable space but

Only heart palpitations and screeching

Proclamations that no was really hurt

Or dead but rather instead we saw

Through the crash of Friday the 13th,

We all still had our teeth, our bodies,

Our center of gravity, our balance

Beam, our clothes sewn at the seam,

Still together, unharmed but abruptly

Awake, that so far this life we’ve lived

Came close to ended. And in answering

The simple question and observing like

CSI we were grateful, we could’ve died.


Watching the emergency team stop

The unceasing stream, I reexamined

My keen intuition to dream, to believe

In things unseen, forces beyond my

Comprehending, protection outside

Of my own walls of comfort, for

Those too, also came down, for

As much glass splattered on the floor,

Split the ceiling, so the

Safe harbor feeling was shredded

And depleted, not money, not success, not any

Of this was on my chest, only

The burning awareness that life

Could be lost in a matter of

Seconds, the arch of the emerald

Rainbow could soon be asking me,

‘What have you loved for me

Recently?’ And God I wonder

Why there was no asunder, no

Storm cloud thunder but rather

This truck burning rubber and

Like me, asleep at the wheel,

Not awake until something

Starts to bleed, until out of

The ordinary comes the story

That some kid crashed into

Our walls, that no one died,

But I saw my pitfalls, my

Selfish ambitions and my

Jaded vision, that

Nothing could ever pull me

Down, not even the thrill

Of the winery, and dining

In this city, no pity for

Lucrative life, I saw it

Like a knife splitting the

Atom, when death is a phantom,

We are in danger, the arch of

Mercy is a stranger and we risk

Living like tomorrow is a guarantee.

I see, I love, I live in this city, I

Humbly choose to believe that

It was something not up to me

That 10 feet to the left I could have

Been taken like a thief in the night

And for all that is accurate and right

We survived the crash of March,

The almost fall of the arch of

Mercy that so easily hovered

Around each employee,

For this I am grateful and

Much able to boldly share

This story.

Hired at Trader Joe’s and More Beach Running and Shout Outs

First: I just got a job at one of the coolest grocery stores ever; Trader Joe’s. It is super awesome because it is right next to my house so I can just walk to work. I give all the glory to God because its not the kind of place that just hires anyone. I did wear my grey sweater vest the first time I went in to talk to the manager, so maybe that sweater set me apart. Actually, being a child of God is what sets all of us apart who are apart of His Kingdom.

Second: I am still running and have some more poems about running in the works. Just this past Saturday I ran 13 miles straight for the first time. At about mile 6 I started cramping up. Apart of training is learning how to push through those arduous moments where you are slogging it out to the finish line. It helps to ear bananas and to breath and to be relaxed as you can be when you are running. The half Marathon is only 2 weeks away; yikes!

Running on the beach is the prettiest picture that I carry in my mind each and every day. Watching surfers get lost in the surf. Seeing little children giggling as the touch their teeny little feet in the ice cold ocean then run back to their parents giggling the whole time. As I wrote about the Mudball Fort it makes me smile and reflect my childhood.

Overall, God is faithful as the sun is beaming down through the clear glass window as I am typing, I must leave now and and go for a run.

Shout out to: Jen Mcarthur, Misses I, Brooke Turner, Aaron Kennedy, Victoria, and others who seem like they frequent this blog. I love the Ruckus and hope you continue to enjoy it to.

And where in the world is Molly Mosack? I am still on her blogroll but more importantly, where is she? I miss you Molly and will never forget those early writer group days.


New Job At IHOP

It was the spring of 2006 when Zack and I first really started talking to each other about what was going on in our life. We had lived together for about eight months and in that time we were just roommates but not really friends. At the time we were both rigorously involved in the Night Watch at the house of prayer. I was in my second semester of my second year at FSM and Zack was working with the Fire in the Night interns. There were many great things about the Night Watch community; the people, the intensity of the night, being led by Stuart, the worship but the only thing that I had a difficult time with was going to bed right away at 6am.

When I was in the internship it was required for us to be asleep by 6:30am. This was a wise rule because anything later than this would mean sleeping in later which would result in a lack on sunlight. A lack of sun over a long period of time is very unhealthy. So, instead of just going home and staring at the ceiling for an hour Zack and I decided to get some breakfast at the International House of Pancakes. For us, it wasn’t so much about the food, more so it was about the time spent getting to know each other.

Breakfast at IHOP became a tradition and to all of the morning servers that worked there, we became regulars. Sometimes we didn’t even eat we would just get decaf coffee and talk. When the Splits was in vogue I would drop down at the restaurant and give the 1,2, 3..Splits for people that looked like they didn’t want to be embarrassed.

I blogged in February 2007 that my weight gain was due to eating to much at IHOP. The streak lasted until October 2007 for me. This would mean that we spent about a year and a half eating at an average of three times a week and some weeks we were there everyday, even on our off day.

I share all this with you because IHOP in Grandview, MO has a very soft spot in my heart. I have a lot of good memories when I think of this place and mostly because where my friendship with Zack is at now.

Because of a current financial bind that I am in now with some unpaid tickets I am in need of working as much as I can to get caught up with all my responsibilities. I got a job at the IHOP that used to be a daily stop. I just started my training last Saturday and today, Friday the 22, was my first shift on my own. As I have mentioned before, this isn’t my first serving job. First Watch taught me a lot about what it takes to be a good server. So far things have gone well. The only part about this job that I dislike is the IHOP stench. You leave that place and it seeps into your clothes like when you leave the bowling alley. But because I am making money, I think I’ll get over the smell.

I will blog more about my adventures at the house of pancakes but for now, it just makes me laugh that I am working at the same place that I used to eat at almost every day.


(Zack and I chatting away at the house of pancakes)